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You got more balls than i do :) I am confused what do you mean by ignition switch? typically on a remote starter you tap into the wires and you can do that under the column cover or meet the harness where it goes to the underdash. I want a remote starter but with the electrical system in the vous its a P.I.T.A. you got the passkey you gotta have an extra one, the alarm bypass. and other stuff. here is a list i found that will tell you most of what you have to do RENDEZVOUS 2002 -2003 GM's PK3 TRANSPONDER ANTI-THEFT System, Requires 791 Module and Extra Ignition Key PART COLOR LOCATION DIAGRAM

  • STARTER--------------------YELLOW (+)..... IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS
  • IGNITION ------------------PINK (+).......... IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS
  • IGNITION 2----------------GREEN (+) ...... IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS
  • BLOWER 1---------------- ORANGE (+)..... IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS
  • POWER LOCK-------------RED/BLACK......... BCM, PINK Plug
  • LOCK MOTOR WIRE -----GRAY (+) ........... @ BACK of FUSEBOX
  • DOOR TRIGGER ----------BLUE/WHITE (-) ....@ BCM, PINK Plug
  • TRUNK RELEASE--------- WHITE/BLACK (-).....,@ BCM, GRAY Plug
  • HORN---------------------- BLACK (-)............... @ STEERING COLUMN
  • TACH ---------------------- PURPLE/WHITE ..... @ IGNITION COIL
  • BRAKE---------------------- WHITE (+) ............ @ BRAKE PEDAL Switch
NOTE *1 this vehicle uses a 1-Wire Door Locking System, a (-)Negative thru a 470 Ohm will LOCK and a Straight (-)Negative on the same wire will UNLOCK. Some units will also require extra Relays Part #775, See DIAGRAM. NOTE *2 the BCM is located at the FRONT of the CENTER CONSOLE under the RADIO.
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What wires are used too hook up remote stater in 84 caprice?

Wire cluster under dash by driver's foot. Installation kit should include a wire chart indicating what color wires are to be used

How do you hook up the wires to a starter on a 1978 350 rocket?

The large one from the positive side of the battery attaches to the large post mounted on the starter solenoid and a smaller purple wire that attaches to the small post on the starter solenoid marked "S". The small post on the starter solenoid marked "R" is not used with that vehicle. Any accessory power wires would also attach to the large post on the starter solenoid.

What is a car remote starter used for?

A car remote starter is used to start your car when you are not in it. It is good for cold days or hot days when you wish to warm up or cool down your car before you get inside of it.

What is a remote control used for?

A remote control is used to control an electronic device form a distance without wires. It uses infrared or radio frequencies to transmit the data to the device.

What tool is used to energize the starter motor with the ignition system disabled?

A remote starter switch that most mechanics have in their tool box or a simple jumper wire will work.

Starter makes grinding noise after engine is warm but if the remote start is used there is no noise is this due to a relay through the ignition switch?

The starter should only be making noise if you attempt to start the car and the starter is going bad. It is possible that the remote starter is bypassing the mechanical starter. Starters are very easy to replace. Be sure to disconnect the car battery before doing so.

Where is the starter switch on a 2001 Daewoo leganza?

the starter solenoid is incorporated with the starter. you'll find two wires going to the starter. one is the control wire which actuates the contactor (starter solenoid) for the high amp circuit that drives the starter motor. and then there is the switch in the steering column that is used with the key.

What 2 wires turn over the starter on a 93 Dodge spirit so a toggle switch can be used?

Yellow(starter relay) and Dark blue(ignition run/start).

What color wires do you use to hook up rear light?

Red is used for a swithced positive circuit. Yellow is used for a constant positive circuit. Black is used for ground.

Can you start a car without a car starter?

If your starter is dead you can start it with a set of jumper cables. You have to hook them up to car that is running and it needs a starter, so at the end of the day you used a starter even if it wasn't on your car. Yes, you can start a car without a starter. The easiest way to by push starting it if it's a manual transmission.

Why will Everything work with remote except remote starter lights flash but no start both remotes?

If the lights on the dash all light up but does not crank, this is probably the immobilizer system killing the starter. This is only with cars with a chip in the key and when they put the remote starter in they used a 556u peice and probably took one of your chip keys and installed it in the car. When they wrapped the windings around your key cylinder to "trick the car to thinking the key is being used" they may not have secured it properly. If this car doesn't have a chip key then I'd check to make sure the starter wire (Starter side) is hooked up. On directed electronics products its usually a thick purple wire

How to install 1992 240sx starter?

When my starter went out and i replaced it, I used the same bolts and just slid it into the place where the old starter went. ( I had a KA24DE DOHC) I put it back in connected all the wires and she fired right up for me =) Good luck

How do you change the starter in a 72 Chevy c 10?

Disconnect battery. remove to bolts holding starter, may have to remove tranny dust shield for room to move starter around to get it out will be wires on syl remove them if shims are used dont replace unless starter makes noise after replaced

When changing a car stereo should ALL the wires from the car stereo connector be attached to the radios wires or vice versa?

They all should be attached to a wiring harness un less your install a radio then not all wires will be attached to the after market harness in most cases the wires that are not attached can be used to hook up subwoofers

What wires go where when hooking up a new starter to a 95 Pontiac formula you have 4 wires in tota 2 large black 1 small purple and 1 small black with a whitish line running down it?

Any wires big enough to fit on the big "B" post of the starter go there. Smaller wires go to the small "S" terminal of the starter. The small "R" terminal is not used; it is vestigial. Exceptions: Any wires that would fit on "B" terminal but won't reach are ground wires. These go to one of the mounting bolts. Next time, for Zod's sake, pay attention when you're taking something apart, Nimnode.

What is the purpose of a solenoid on a motorcycle?

It serves as the same on a car/truck etc. It is a group of wires around a metalic core, which produces a magnetic field used for the starter.

What is crane hook and what are the raw materials used in crane hook?

A crane hook is the hook used on an operating crane. These heavy hooks are usually comprised out of steel material.

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Polythene is used for insulating wires.

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A remote control is an electronic device used for the remote operation of a machine.

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

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