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What wires go to what post on a starter for a '93 Saturn dohc?

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The big red wire and the orange or blue wire go on the big stud in the middle. The small purple wire goes on the smaller stud

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Who change the starter 2003 Saturn ION?

Starter is located on underside of the car, centered between front tires. It will have three wires connected to two posts, one red and two black on the other post.

Why are there two wires connected to positive post in 2002 Saturn?

The heavier one feeds the starter. The smaller one feeds the accessories.

How do you hook up the wires to a starter on a 1978 350 rocket?

The large one from the positive side of the battery attaches to the large post mounted on the starter solenoid and a smaller purple wire that attaches to the small post on the starter solenoid marked "S". The small post on the starter solenoid marked "R" is not used with that vehicle. Any accessory power wires would also attach to the large post on the starter solenoid.

Where is the starter located on a 1991 Saturn?

to find starter...start at positive post on battery, follow big cable to end of cable........at which pointwill connect to starter

What wires go to starter 1996 grand am?

on big post you will have battery cable and a couple of fuse links on small post 1 wire

You have put a 350 high performance engine in a 1981 el camino and it originally had a v6 in it with 2 wires going to the starter the 350 engine starter has 3 wires how can you make this work?

You should only need to wires to starter. The big wire from your positive battery post goes on the big stud on the starter, you may also have some wires with that same size hole that go there too. You should then only need to put the purple wire on the post that's closest to the engine. Hope the info helps.

How do you bypass the starter solenoid?

Remove the lighter gauge wires from the solenoid, and connect full battery power (cable) directly to to the positive post on the starter motor.

How do you replace a starter for a 1987 Chevy S10?

Remove one battery post connection. Remove wires from starter and be sure you know where they go back. Remove large bolts from starter and put the new one back in.

How do you locate and replace a starter for delta 88?

Follow or track large battery cable from battery positive post to starter. Remove positive post at battery. Remove two or three wires from starter. Remove two or three starter mount bolts and remove starter. Find Auto parts in yellow pages. Call Parts dealers for best price. reverse removal procedure with rebuild starter.

How do you change the starter in a 94 Concorde?

Is this the airplane? Remove one battery post connector. Remove wire connections from starter. Remove mounting bolts. Remove starter. Clean the bolts and starter hole of any dirt or grease. Install new starter with cleaned bolts and reinstall wires and battery connection.

How do you put the wires back on the starter solenoid on a 1986 Grand Marquis?

the one from the starter goes on the post on the right, the small one with the slide goes on one of the posts in the front cant remember wich but you wont burn it up if you get it wrong, the rest of them go on the post on the left

How to replace starter in 1989 Buick Century?

First you unhook the neg cable on the battery then jack up the car and place jack stands or other support devices under the sub frame to prevent the car from falling on you. then locate the starter wirinr and disconnect the karge post wires and then the smaller post wire . then remove the dust shield then unbolt the starter .

Wiring diagram for 1988 Camaro rs starter?

Large battery cable to large post,small ignition wires to smaller post.Doing mine right now!

How do you replace a cylinoid?

Depends on what it is used on, most starter solnoids, on lawn mowers are mounted on a part of the frame, close to the starter, its a small round thing, with 2 post,s sticking out of the sides, and 1 or 2 small post on the bottom part, holding it to the frame, , just remove the wires, rembering where they were, and replace it,

What wires go where when hooking up a new starter to a 95 Pontiac formula you have 4 wires in tota 2 large black 1 small purple and 1 small black with a whitish line running down it?

Any wires big enough to fit on the big "B" post of the starter go there. Smaller wires go to the small "S" terminal of the starter. The small "R" terminal is not used; it is vestigial. Exceptions: Any wires that would fit on "B" terminal but won't reach are ground wires. These go to one of the mounting bolts. Next time, for Zod's sake, pay attention when you're taking something apart, Nimnode.

Where is the Starter 1992 Lumina?

follow the battery + cable from the battery down to the starter post. There you will find a starter.

How do you remove a starter from a 92 Saturn?

Disconnect the battery, preferrably the negative post. Two bolts hold the starter to the engine block. They're 13MM or 1/2 inch (same thing basically) Pull the bolts, then disconnect the electrical. The starter is low on the back side of the engine, right in front of the driver.

My gator 49cc gas scooter has 2 black wires and 1 red for the battery I replaced the battery but it won't work when I hook it up It is a brand new fully charged battery what should I do?

The red wire goes to the positive battery post and the black wires connect to the negative post. If it will not turn over then possibly the starter is defective.

Where is the battery located in a 2003 Saturn ion?

in the trunk on the right side near the spare, if you need to jump start the car, there is a post in the front engine compartment that easily lets you connect your wires to it.

How do you replace the starter on a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

Same as a 1999. Look for "remove starter on 1999 Corola" post I answered. Same as a 1999. Look for "remove starter on 1999 Corolla" post I answered.

Where are the fusible links located on a 1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer?

3-4 wires [fusible links] comming off that positive post on the starter they are usually pink or yellow.

How many wires should be on a 95 Chevy S-10 2.2 STARTER?

Two, one large one from the positive battery post and one small one from the key switch.

Wiring the starter solenoid on a 1986 ford crown vic?

One large terminal post to battery Other large terminal post to starter Small terminal post to trigger wire If extra small terminal post disregard

What does the s mean on a starter solenoid?

Putting 12V power to that "S" post will ingauge the starter.

How do wires run from alternators to starters on a 1983 Oldsmobile 98?

There is a red wire from the alternator output to the starter battery connection post That wire has a fusible link in it that may blown if someone hooked up a battery backwards. I think the fuse link is located on the starter end.

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