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Choice of wood for smoking verys with where one is, hickory is often the choice in many places, in the southwest many prefer mesquite. Other choices I have seen are pecan, apple, cherry, or just about any fruit wood. One can smoke with about any hard wood.

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How long do you smoke a pork tenderloin?

4 hours

Does wet wood make dark smoke or does dry wood?

Wet wood, vegetation, and plastics will make a thick, dark smoke that should not be breathed in. Dry wood and dead leaves make a thinner, grayish smoke.

Is the smoke emitted from gas heating worse then smoke from wood heating?

Gas heating does not produce any "smoke" at all. Wood burning, however, produces smoke which is much more toxic than tobacco secondhand smoke. It is best to completely avoid wood heating.

Is tobacco smoke worse than wood smoke?

Wood smoke is much worse than tobacco second hand smoke. Wood smoke contains more than twelve times as many carcinogenic compounds, and is chemically active up to forty times longer in the lungs than tobacco.

Can you smoke fish and pork in the same smoker at the same time?


Can you cook with a fern?

I watched someone on TV smoke fish and pork with hay. At first I thought it was a joke but the testers said it was fantastic. I suppose if you can smoke fish and pork with hay you could do the same with hay.

What kind of wood is used to smoke meat in the Philippines?

rhambutan wood

Is smoked ham cheese?

No, "smoked ham," is a pork product, typically the shoulder of a pig that has been immersed in wood smoke for several hours to several days. Typically such hams are cured with salt or sugar.

How do you make smoke in little alchemy?

Wood + Fire = campfire, smoke, and charcoal

Is sorghum a good wood for smoke-grilling?

Sorghum is not a wood, it is a grass.

Does Evan Rachel wood smoke?

yes she does

Can you smoke meat with mulberry wood?


Is the smoke from burning wood a chemical change?

No. You must not confuse the PROCESS of converting some chemical products to others, with the RESULT. The PROCESS of converting wood and oxygen to smoke is a chemical change. The SMOKE itself is not.

What happens to wood as it burns?

It turns into ash and smoke.

Can you use a fiber cement saw blade on wood?

No, it will burn the wood and cause a lot of smoke.

What can you smoke that's legal at all ages?

You can smoke many things such as ribs, steak, pork. As for why someone would want to do this, I would imagine they are hungry.

How do you smoke venison?

By placing and hanging the meat in a smoker, using the wood you want to smoke or flavour the meat with

How long do you have to pressure cook pork shoulder?

Just until it catches on fire and starts to smoke!

Why do fire have smoke?

The composition of smoke depends on the nature of the burning fuel and the conditions of combustion, for example, when paper/wood is burned, the smoke you see is those volatile hydrocarbons evaporating from the wood. Combustion causes things within the fuel, or object being burned, to evaporate - this is smoke.

What are the advantages of mesquite grilling?

There are many benefits of mesquite-wood roasting or grilling. It is best used to add smoke-flavor to steaks, chicken, pork , and fish. Mesquite smoke flavoring can be added to vegetable stir-fries as well. Mesquite just adds a whole another dimension of flavor to your food that charcoal just does not do.

What are Latvia's products?

Wood, Textiles, IT, Fish, Pork, Poultry, Eggs, skilled labour.

Does Elijah wood smoke?

I thimk Elijah Wood smokes, there was a few pics. Do correct me if I'm wrong.

When wood is burnt many pollutants.the visible smoke that is emitted from burning wood is called?

.........Particulate matter........

How do you make pork shoulder in a roaster taste like it was smoked?

You could marinate it in liquid smoke before you cook it. that should give it a nice smoked flavor. Add a few drops to your marinade or brush it on the pork roast wrap it in plactic wrap and let it set for a couple of hours. I have added liquid smoke to the marinade of my broiled pork chops

I want to make smoked pork chops for dinner what is the best way to season them?

You can season smoked pork chops many different ways. You can marinate them to give them extra seasoning for when you smoke them. You could also do a dry rub on them as you smoke them. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

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