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What woodwind instrument doesn't use a reed?

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There are many woodwind instruments that don't use reeds, for example, Flute and piccolo. They're the first ones that come into mind anyway!

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Is the trumpet is a single-reed instrument?

No, trumpets are brass not woodwind. The only instrument that looks like brass but is woodwind is the saxaphone, a single reed instrument. Trumpets use a mouthpiece with no reed.

Which woodwind instrument mistaken for a brass instrument?

The saxophone. While the instrument itself is commonly made of brass, the mechanics of it, as well as the use of a reed, make it a woodwind.

Is a flute brass or reed?

its neither. It does not use a reed, and is not a brass instrument. It is considered a woodwind.

Is trumpet a woodwind instrument?

No, a trumpet is not a woodwind. It does not use a reed. Clarinets and saxophones are examples of woodwinds.

What woodwind instrument does not use a mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument is the part of the instrument which is placed partly in the player's mouth. Single-reed instruments have mouthpieces while exposed double-reed instruments and open flutes do not have mouthpieces. The oboe and the bassoon are two instruments that have a double reed.

What woodwind instrument does not use a reed to produce sound?

That would be the flute. The flute is made of metal, but it was originally made of wood.

Is the alto horn a woodwind instrument?

No, an alto horn is not a woodwind instrument, it is a brass instrument. Woodwind instruments use reeds, except for flutes and recorders.

Is double horn woodwind?

Any french horn is considered a woodwind, even though it's played like a brass instrument. They are a woodwind because they can play in a woodwind ensemble, but it doesn't use any type of reed; it uses a brass mouthpiece.

Which instrument uses a single reed to make a sound?

There are two main families of instruments that use a single reed; the saxophone family and the clarinet family. While there are multiple variations on them, all use the single reed. Also in the woodwind family is double reeds, like oboe, basoon, English horn, etc, and the flute, also a woodwind, which doesn't use a reed at all.

Is a (soprano) recorder a reed percussion brass or string instrument Why?

The closest answer is reed, but more accurately a woodwind, as recorders don't actually use reeds.

Is brass instrument is lower pitch then woodwind instrument?

Yes, brass instruments produce a lower pitch than woodwind instruments. Woodwind instruments use a reed to vibrate the air to produce sound, whereas brass instruments produce sound from the player's lips vibrating in a mouthpiece.

Why is the saxophone considered to be a woodwind?

Because you use a reed to play it and i reed is wooden.

What do all woodwind instruments use to create sound?

Woodwinds produce their sound by air passing over their reeds, when you blow into a woodwind instrument it passes over the reed, causing it to vibrate. These vibrations then travel through the instrument, become amplified and then upon leaving the instrument, generate the sound they make.

What is a ligature?

A ligature is part of a woodwind instrument you use to keep the reed in place. A ligature is, by definition, is something that binds or holds in place. Handcuffs are an example.

Double reed woodwind instruments?

Oboes, English horns, and bassoons use a double reed. ___________________________________

Why do woodwind instruments have reeds?

Well the woodwinds have reeds because you use the reeds to make vribrations within the instrument. Which then makes sound, it does not work without a reed.

What are instrument families?

Groups of instruments that have similar qualities, such as the woodwind family being instruments that use reeds, flute being the exception (wood from woodwind being the reed). Other families include brass, strings and percussion.

What woodwind insturments do not use rees to produce sound?

Flutes don't use reeds, among the woodwinds in common use. The recorder, an older instrument not used in orchestras or bands, also doesn't use a reed.

What is one of the oldest instruments in the woodwind family?

To the person that said violin, violin is NOT a woodwind instrument. It's a string. You don't use wind for a violin. The oldest woodwind instrument is the flute. :)

Does clarinet use a duble reed?

No, a clarinet does use a reed but it is a single reed instrument like a saxophone.

What two instruments use a double reed?

what two instrument that use a double reed

Why are woodwind instruments not made of wood?

Well every woodwind intrument has a reed, that is made of wood in exception to the flute, which used to use reeds.

Is an organ a reed instrument?

No, it's not :) Reed instuments are instruments that you use a piece of wood (a 'reed') on the mouthpiece. You don't put an organ on your mouth, so therfore it isn't a reed instrument. Examples of a reed instrument are; saxophones, clarinet and bass clarinet.

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