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What woodwind instrument has a single reed?

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the single reed woodwind instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone (family) the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

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Is the trumpet is a single-reed instrument?

No, trumpets are brass not woodwind. The only instrument that looks like brass but is woodwind is the saxaphone, a single reed instrument. Trumpets use a mouthpiece with no reed.

How can an instrument be classified into the woodwind family?

If you blow into the instrument or if it has a reed, it's a woodwind instrument

Do all woodwind instruments have a reed?

No. For example, the flute is a woodwind instrument, but it does not have a reed.

What woodwind instruments do not have a reed?

The flute is a woodwind instrument that doesn't require a reed to be played.

How do woodwind instruments work?

A woodwind instrument works when the player blows into the instrument, and if there is a reed, the reed vibrates and creates a sound.

Single reed woodwind instruments?

the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

Why are bagpipes a woodwind instrument?

A woodwind instrument is an instrument where sound is generated by the player pushing air though a reed, this is the case with the bagpipes (which have 4 reed, 3 drone and a chanter) and hence its a woodwind instrument.

What is usually the only single reed woodwind instrument in an orchesta?

There is always a clarinet. Oboes and bassoons are the double-reed instruments.

What woodwind instrument does not use a mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument is the part of the instrument which is placed partly in the player's mouth. Single-reed instruments have mouthpieces while exposed double-reed instruments and open flutes do not have mouthpieces. The oboe and the bassoon are two instruments that have a double reed.

Is a reed instrument and a woodwind instrument the same thing?

All reed instruments are part of the woodwind instrument family, but there are some other woodwinds also that are not reed instruments - mainly the flute.

What woodwind instrument in the orchestra is made of brass?

Saxophone is an instrument, usually made of brass but classified as a woodwind instrument since it has an similar sound production system with the Clarinet (a single-reed mouthpiece).

Which woodwind instrument mistaken for a brass instrument?

The saxophone. While the instrument itself is commonly made of brass, the mechanics of it, as well as the use of a reed, make it a woodwind.

Is an oboe a woodwind bras or percussion instrument?

An oboe is a woodwind instrument (the reed is made of wood)

Is an oboe woodwind brass or percussion instrument?

Oboe's are a double reed instrument of the Woodwind family.

What is the thin strip of cane on a mouthpiece on a woodwind instrument called?

The the thin strip of cane on a mouthpiece on a woodwind instrument is called a reed.

What other woodwind instrument looks likes the oboe?

No instrument looks exactly like the oboe, but a clarinet can look similar because they are both black woodwind instruments. But the oboe is a double reed and the clarinet uses a single reed.

Is the saxophone is a woodwind instrument?

Yes, the saxophone is a woodwind instrument because it uses a reed to make a tone.

What is the single reed instrument made of brass?

Saxophone. Despite being made of brass, it's classified as a woodwind because it uses a reed.

What woodwind instrument has a double reed?

Woodwind double reed instruments include the oboe, bassoon and the cor anglais.

Is a flute a reed instrument?

No flute is not a reed instrument. It is a member of the woodwind family. Reed instruments are clarinet, oboe, and bassoon.

Which orchestral woodwind instrument does not have a reed?

The flute is the only woodwind instrument that does not require a reed. _____________________________ Piccolo also, to be technically correct. There may be others as well.

What vibrates in a woodwind instrument?

The reed in a woodwind creates vibrations. The rest of the instrument simply lengthens it to the right pitch.

What is a slim cylindrical reed instrument that produces a thin occasionally shrill sound?

You are probably thinking of the clarinet, a woodwind with a single reed and a cylindrical bore.

Does the woodwind family include the flute?

The flute is generally classified as a woodwind, although it is distinct in that it is the only major woodwind that does not have a reed. Other woodwinds include the oboe (double reed), clarinet (single reed) and saxophone (single reed).

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