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AnswerThe bombing of London is commonly called the London Blitz, or simply, the Blitz. The word derives from the German term blitzkrieg, which refers to the World War II Nazi strategy using targeted, fast-moving, overwhelming force in order to make it difficult for the enemy to respond. Answer

I believe you are referring to the bombing of London during WWII by Nazi Germany. The word for it is called a "blitzkrieg" In German, it means "lighting war."

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What was the name of the bombing campaigne?

The London Blitz. Short for the German word "Blitzkrieg".

Where did the London bombings happen?

The London bombing did occur in central London. The attack targeted the London Underground.

The german bombing of london was called?

The London blitz. Other towns and cities in Britain were also bombed.

Date London did not get bomed you World War 2?

The Blitzkrieg bombing of London ended in May of 1941.

Name the 6 month battle where Germany bombed London daily?

The bombing occurred during the Battale of Britain and they called it the blitz. It was a nickname from a German word, Blitzkreig. That means lighting storm. The bombs came like lightning anywhere and anytime.

What started the blitz?

The bombing of London starting on 7 September 1940.

Is there a risk of a bombing in London?

Maybe 70 years ago, but not now.

How has terrorism affected England?

it has been affected by the London bombing and everythink

How did London change when world war 2 finished?

Many parts of London had to be rebuilt as they had been destroyed by bombing.

When did Germany begin its bombing of London in World War 2?

On September 5, 1940, the Germans began bombing London, reportedly in retaliation for a British raid on Berlin. Bad weather, however, hampered their efforts and it was not until September 15, that the massive bombing attacks began.

When were the bombing raids in London?

The London Blitz began on 7 September 1940 and lasted until 10 May 1941.

Who got bombed over the blitz?

The blitz usually refers to the bombing of London.

What was the German bombing of London was called?

The Blitz also known as the Battle of Britain.

Was the bombing of London 1941 real?

It was very real to the people who had bombs falling on their homes. Look up London Blitz on Wikipedia.

What battle did the German bombing of London begin?

This is a confusing question. If you mean an actual battle, none. Germany just bombed Britttan in general, London included.However, the German Bombing campaign of England is refereed to as the Battle of Brittan.

How did evacuees find life back in London?

The children who came from London missed their old way of life before the Blitz bombing. They were very frightened by the bombing and some lost their mothers or other relatives in the bombing. Some were frightened leaving London and did not understand why they were put on trains to go to a strange place with strange people. Some were extremely homesick for London and their homes (many which had been bombed). They did not get to go back until the end of the war.

What were air raids in world war2?

It's when aircraft from one side bombed a city from the other side, such as the Germans bombing London, or the Americans bombing Berlin.

Where did the Blitz happen?

The severe bombing of Britain, especially London, was known by Britons as 'The Blitz'.

When was the London city rebuilt?

Mostly after World War 2 when it was badly damaged by bombing.

What is the Maori word for London as in London city?

The Maori word for London is 'Ranana'.

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