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The words that were included in her web were: "Some Pig", "Terrific", "Radiant", and lastly, "Humble".

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What words do Charlotte write in her web in the movie or book Charlotte?

some pig terrific humble.

How do the characters in Charlottes Web work together?

Templeton (the rat) helps Charlotte find words, Charlotte writes words on her web to save Wilbur, the sheep tells Wilbur and Charlotte that Wilbur is going to dye so everyone gets ready to save Wilbur, and the goose comforts Templeton to go to the fair to help Charlotte write words on her web.

What words did Charlotte write in her web?

Charlotte wrote the words: Some Pig Terrific Radiant Humble

How many words does Charlotte write in her web?

i think 3

What does Charlotte write on her web in Charlotte's web?

The words that Charlotte writes in her web are :Some PigTerrificRadiantHumble

What words does Charlotte write in her web at the fair?

Radiant, Some Pig and something else...

Who writes good Charlottes' songs?

They write by themself (Benji & Joel)

How do you write Charlotte in Hebrew?

Charlotte = שארלוט

What words did Charlotte write in the her web to describe Wilbur in the book Charlotte's Web?

She Writes 'Some Pig'

How do you write charlotte in Japanese?

Charlotte in Japanese is phonetic: シャルロット (sharurotto).

What does charlotte first write in her web?

"Some pig.

How many books did Charlotte Bronte write?


What did Charlotte write in her wed to save Wilbur?

"What a Pig"

What word did Charlotte write on the web?

'some pig' 'terrific'

When did Charlotte Diamond write Each of us is a flower?


What did charlotte write first on her web?

She wrote "Some Pig"

What is the last word Charlotte write in her web in Charlotte's web?

the last word charlotte wrote was "HUMBLE" hope this helps:)

Why did charlotte write in her web for Wilbur?

to help Wilbur from being Slaughtered .

What does charlotte the spider write about willbur the pig first in her wed?


Book about the life and secrets of charlotte Bronte?

Try The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell. Gaskell was a close friend of Charlotte Bronte and was commissioned by Patrick Bronte, her father, to write her biography.

Did Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte write Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre.

Did Shakespeare write Jane Eyre?

No, Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Brontë.

How do you write 0.017 in words?


Did James Fenimore Cooper write Charlotte Temple?

no. some chick named susanna did.

Why did Charlotte dymond write the balled of Charlotte dymond?

Montisha, Laurelle, Kayleigh and sam are in are english lesson nothing better to do the write on ere,!!<3 Laurelle says: ( to the person she fancys): yourlove is ma religon brandon morris<3