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What words end with ture?

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  • acupuncture
  • adventure
  • agriculture
  • architecture
  • armature
  • aperture
  • caricature
  • capture
  • cincture
  • conjecture
  • conjuncture
  • couture
  • culture
  • creature
  • denture
  • departure
  • divestiture
  • enrapture
  • expenditure
  • feature
  • fixture
  • forfeiture
  • furniture
  • future
  • fracture
  • gesture
  • horticulture
  • indenture
  • immature
  • juncture
  • lecture
  • ligature
  • literature
  • mature
  • manufacture
  • misadventure
  • mixture
  • musculature
  • nature
  • nomenclature
  • nurture
  • overture
  • pasture
  • picture
  • posture
  • puncture
  • rapture
  • rupture
  • scripture
  • signature
  • stature
  • structure
  • suture
  • temperature
  • texture
  • torture
  • tincture
  • venture
  • vulture
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List of words that end with ture as in capture?

rapture adventure fracture picture mixture

Is it ture that 2012 is going to end?

Yes, it's ture that 2012 will end. No, the world will not blow up in that year. Trust me.

It is ture that 2011 wil come to an end?


10 words that end with ture?

picture,lecture,future,culture,acupuncture,rapture,fracture,nature,texture, and torture.

What is the meaning of the suffix ture?

It's not a suffix. Many words containing "ture" or "tura" come from Latin and Latin languages like French, and it seems to just be a common part of those words. In some cases, at the end of words indicates the word is a noun perhaps originally from a verb.

What words end with suffix ture?

treasure measure pleasure capture adventure furniture legislature creature picture literature and many more balls

What does the prefix-ture?

set of

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Words ending in ture?

* Architecture * Picture * Armature * Pasture * Mixture Adventure, couture, temperature.