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What words mean 'farm'?

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Area of land devoted for the cultivation or Producing animals.

la grange

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What are Celtic words for horse farm?

If by "horse farm" you mean "stud (farm)", there are the wordsgraí (Irish) andgre (Welsh)

What words mean farm'?

Estate, farmstead, grange, ranch, and plantation are synonyms for farm.

What are the Esperanto words for farm and ranch?

The Esperanto words for farm and ranch are the same. The word is bieno.

What is other words for farm animals?


Words that describe the word farm?

A plantation

What are two syllable words that rhyme with farm?

There are not many two syllable words that rhyme with farm. Those that do are: * alarm * disarm * forearm * rearm * unarm

What does calroust mean?

A type of farm.

What does la farmacia mean?

the farm

What does Amigos de la Granja mean in English?

friends of the farm (or Farm Friends)

EU changes affecting Farm systemsHome farm in the west midlands?

Basically Ya'll Mean !

What are words to describe snowball from animal farm?


Four letter words rhyming with farm?

* harm

What words rhymes with leap that is a farm animal?


What are words that describe mrjones from animal farm?


Will weaver farm team?

What do you mean? The name of the book is farm team by will weaver. If you have questions type them clearly

What does Snowball driven from the farm mean in Animal Farm?

It symbolizes when Leon Trotsky got exiled from Russia.

What does the ham in Chippenham mean?

It signifies a town, but used to mean a farm or settlement.

What is a compound word that starts with farm?

Compound words that start with farm:farmhandfarmhousefarmlandfarmwifefarmworkerfarmyard

What words start with F and end in M?

Farm Flam

What words or word have the definition a large southern farm?

A Plantation.

Can you go to a farm when you are pregnant?

Do you mean a real farm with animals? If so I don't see why not. Or do you mean "THE farm" located in Middle Tennessee where they deliver babies? If so then yes. Give them a call they would be happy to deliver your baby. Or have you for a visit.

What does animalism mean in Animal Farm?

Animalsim is basically the government or religion that the animals base their daily lives off of. So in other words it resembles the Seven commandments

What does rBST mean?

try asking someone on a farm!

Horse earnsdale farm?

What do you mean ? I go there :D

What does sobbusters mean?

A Sodbuster is a person who operates a farm.