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The president approves and carry out laws passed by the legislative branch.

If the president does not like the law he veto it.

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2008-04-28 21:42:59
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Q: What work does the president do that has do with the legislative branch?
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Was the legislative branch headed by the president?

The Legislative Branch is headed by the President and the Vice President.

Is the legislative branch the only branch that is appointed by the president?

No, the legislative branch is not the only branch appointed by the president. The legislative branch is the only branch that is voted into office by the people.

What power does the president have as Chief Legislator?

a president is part of the executive branch not the legislative branch, congress is the legislative Branch

How is the president participate in the legislative branch?

He is not participate in the legislative branch. He is participate in the executive branch.

Which branch elects the president?

The legislative branch elects the president

Which branch is the vice president on?

legislative branch

Did checks and balances work when president Andrew Johnson was impeached?

yes because the legislative branch could barely remove a seating president so they had to check and balence the legislative branch

How does legislative branch work?

The legislative branch, or Congress, makes the laws. It has the power to make laws or not recommended by the President. The President has the power to veto the laws, unless Congress overrides the veto by a 2/3ds vote.and the legislative branch comes from people or voters!

Which branch of government does the President work in?

There are three branches. The legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative consists of the house of representatives. The judicial consists of the supreme court. The president and his cabinet, works in the executive branch.

What can the president do to check to the power of the legislative branch?

The president use his veto power to curb the power of the legislative branch

What branch is the congress in?

Legislative branch Legislative branch = Congress Judicial branch = courts Executive branch = President and cabinet

What branch is the congress?

Legislative branch Legislative branch = Congress Judicial branch = courts Executive branch = President and cabinet

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