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It time to stop being angry at your mom, go sit in your room or go for a walk and really think about this boyfriend of yours. Does he treat you well such as being polite, listening to what you have to say, showing affection, etc. If he doesn't then perhaps your mother has good reason not to like your boyfriend and you may be missing the danger signs. Mothers aren't there to make your life miserable, they just don't want you to get hurt. Ask your mother why she doesn't like your boyfriend and when she answers you really listen and see if she may have some good points about him.

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Q: What woul you say if your mom doesn't like your boyfriend?
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no she doesnt

What if your mom doesnt like your boyfriend?

if you mom doesn't like your boyfriend you have to make your mom like your boyfriend and anyways if you love your boyfriend your mom should'NT mind because your mom wants you to be happy i sorta agree budd u mite lose your mom over a boyfran because she reaqlly dosent like this boy for a reason n u don't know y i need help any suggestions

If aunt understands and like your boyfriend but mom doesnt what to do?

just stuff your mum uu can go out with who uu like . x

What if mom tries to get a retraning order on her daughters boyfriend and the dad doesnt?

Is itnreally that complicated it means the mom doesnt trust him but the dad does

What if your mom wants you to break up with your boyfriend?

talk to her about why she doesnt like him and explane to her how much u like him or how much he means to u

What do you say when your boyfriend asks you to the movies and your mom doesnt want you to go?

Well there are two options 1) Tell your mom that you really like this guy (if you really do) and tell her its just a movie 2) Tell your boyfriend that your mom said i cant go because she wont let me for whatever reason

Does Selena's mom like jb?

No i bet she doesnt.

What do you do if your boyfriend's mom doesn't like you and she made him break up with you?

Find another boyfriend.

What to do if your mom hates your boyfriend?

You could carelessNO! you dont stop caring, just yell at your mom, list things WHY she SHOULD like your boyfriend, or you can secretly date your boyfriend, with out her knowing=

What should you do your family doesnt like your boyfriend cause he doesnt have a job and he wants to come down and live with you your mom and dad say if he does they want help you out anymore?

If he doesn't have a good reason for not having a job, then he should not try free loading with your parents

What if your mom doesn't like your boyfriend?

Don't bring him to your house when she is around.

What does that mean when you r sneaking talking to your boyfriend and your mom doesnt like him?

not to sound goody goody but if u have a guilty concience then just break up wit him and make ur mom happy. It gets u feeling better wen u dont hide from ur mom.

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