What would 1000 pounds in Victorian times be worth today?

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The Victorian period ran from 1837-1901, and there was some inflation over that timespan. For a middle figure multiply by 85 to get the modern figure in purchasing power. Note that houses and real estate have increased by vastly more, however.
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How much would 1000 pounds sterling back in 1930 be worth today?

It's a difficult question, sweetheart, and the net's prettyuseless. My granddad was alive in 1930, and he says that there arefive modern pennies in a shilling, although the in

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$8,150.97 See the link to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's CPI Inflation Calculator, below. This CPI Inflation Calculator, can be used online, and for years 1913 - 2010, inte
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As a 1000 shillings is equivalent to £1 and as 1 shilling was worth roughly £3.82 in Victorian times, 1,000 shillings multiplied by £3.82 = £3,827.50. This is what
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