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What would a 'preppy' haircut look like?

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It can be many things, just look at a magazine for Calvin Klein ads, they feature male models with a short, but teased hairdo. These days, preppy means spending some time on your hair. I have seen men with their hair pulled to the middle like a mohawk (but not cut like one) and I have seen clean cut hair like an episode from "Leave it to Beaver."

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βˆ™ 2006-07-15 11:52:16
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What does a halo haircut look like?

i don't no but lol me to What does a halo haircut look like? bye

Would you look good in a fade haircut?

No I like my hair but if you have long hair don't do it unless your a man DO IT

How do you look like Cher Lloyd?

get the Same Haircut!

What haircut would look best on me?

buzz cut

What look is best for a boy to like you?

be yourself guys will appreciate you for who you are... if you athletic dress athletic if preppy dress preppy if you goth dress goth you see the pattern?

Why don't Scorpio men like tomboys and the preppy look on women?

I once read in a magazine that tomboys and the preppy look were considered "death" to them, because they like FEMININE women. Since Scorpio rules sex, it's not hard to understand that.

Do you have to have the scene haircut to have the scene look?

Most people would say yes probably but I'm going with a no. If you want to have that haircut you can but if you already have ''the look'' then that's fine. Having the hair is kind of like adding on to the look. Just do what you think is best and i hope this helped ! (:

What does the v haircut look like?

A 'V' haircut is where the hair is shaved at the temples down (the sides). At the back the hair is shaved down at an angle from the crown to the nape to look like the shape 'V'.

How to make a haircut look good?

YOU DON'T. But you can also use gel to make a short haircut look better, to style it differently, or other hair products like that.

What does randy look like in the outsiders?

He is tall and has a semi-Beatle haircut.

Will a long shag haircut look good on someone with a slim oval face?

Yes:) It would look very cute and funky but also like stylish

Why are preppy kids popular?

Because like, they act like theyre so cool and like they know or think they look good and like theyre so outgoing (sometimes) and like oh my god they love to talk and like well in other words preppy people are usually popular to other annoying preppy people. Not very often you'll see a goth kid go hey lets start hanging out with the preppy people they're so cool.

Who does cody's new haircut make him look like?

Jeff nelson the Alaskan

What does JB's new haircut look like?

I dont know, but probably stupid

What haircut would I look good with?

Depends on personal preference, nobody can decide that for you.

What haircut makes a girl look sweet and innocent?

Don't try to look like something or be something other than who you are. Get a haircut that suits your face and your frame: choose a style that looks good on you. You could try a pixie cut. You want to look like the girl next door as they say. I think a bob haircut makes people look sweet and innocent but you have to take your face shape into account for this. The best thing to do is to see your hair stylist. They can advise you. They can also look at you and see what the best style for you would be.

What does Taylor Swift's new haircut look like?

Her new hair hut is strait and doesn't look the best on her

Would a Victoria beckham haircut look good on a 14-year-old girl with blonde hair?

Its hard to know without knowing what you look like, but I don't think it would - sorry

What is a fire fly haircut?

its a classic vidal sassoon haircut that is comprised of round graduated layers....sound like Chinese to you? look up some pictures

Why were females looking at you yesterday Was it my haircut It doesn't look weird?

If it was your haircut, then they were admiring it.

Is DC clothing preppy?

DC clothing is primarily worn by skaters and rockers... Although a few preppy kids take a liking to it here and there. DC mocks preppy clothes for the use of the towny skater kids that want to look preppy but not entirely homosexual.

Does Santa Claus need a haircut?

yes because he will look like a yetti to the younger kids

What does an emo haircut look like?

here are some examples: (past 7 pics of alex evans)

What does eminem's haircut look like?

bleach blond most likely a 1inch long shorter on the top

Although I am a boy but people laught at me that I am like a girl now what i do to look completely a boy?

You can dress diffrent and change your haircut to make you look more like a boy.