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I'm not sure for that particular gun, but look for something similar on

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Q: What would a Remington Automatic Sportsman 58 with a 28 inch modified choke and vented rib barrel in mint condition be worth?
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What is the value of a 1979 12 gauge Remington 1100 with a modified choke in fair condition?

If only in 'fair' condition, around $200-$250.

How much is a Remington 03-a3 with a modified stock worth?

Depends on year of manufacture, condition, quality of stock, but probably in the ballpark of $400-$500 for a good condition weapon.

Can a Remington 597 be modified?

Yes, but, expect to pay for it.

What sniper rifle was available to your military in viet nam?

Springfield M1903A3, Winchester Model 70, Remington M40 (modified Remington 700), XM21 (modified M14).

How fast will a sportsman 450 go?

The Sportsman 450 will go almost 55 miles per hour when it is not modified. The 500 series is only slightly faster.

Will Remington choke tubes fit a baikal mp153?

Yes, some of the remington tubes will but not all. I have a remington modified choke in my mp 153 right now.

Can you shoot a slug with an 870 that has a modified choke on it?

Yes: A Remington 870 shotgun with a modified choke will shoot any commercial shotgun slug.

Can the barrel of a browning double automatic be modified for invector chokes?


Remington 1100 modified choke can you shoot double ott buck shot through it?

Is it a screw in choke?

What is the value of a 1976 20 gauge Japanese Browning side by side serial 03164RT168 with 26-inch modified and improved-modified barrels in good condition?

Around $1200-$1500 in excellent condition.

What kind of choke is a Remington Wingmaster model 870 S353483M?

They usually use a modified (medium) choke on the 870, unless it has choke tubes.

How do you tell if a Remington fieldmaster 121 is a smooth bore?

It says it on the barrel, otherwise if there's no riffling it's been modified or shot out, but quite unlikely.

Can you shoot slugs through a Charles daly modified chocke?

Yes but it shoots them terrible. I have one myself and I bought the Remington rifled choke tube and it helped dramatically. All Remington chokes fit the Charles Daly shotguns for your future reference. I also found that it shot the Remington Buck Hammer slugs the best.

When did they start making Remington 1187?

The 1187 is a safety modified Reminton 1100. The safety was changed in 1987, hence the model number change from 1100 to 1187.

When was 45 automatic pistol invented?

If by 45 automatic pistol you mean the 1911 Colt, then John Browning developed this design and the cartridge it uses between 1900 and 1904, producing his first prototype for testing in 1904. It was tested and modified, then adopted for service use by the United States in 1911, hence its designation as the M1911 Automatic Pistol. The design was further modified to create the M1911A1, which includes the grip safety.

How much is a Smith and Wesson 357 model 60 that has been modified to be a semi automatic worth?

What you describe was never offered for sale by S&W

What is the correct ignition timing of a 1978 ford bronco with a 351 modified?

automatic transmission ( 14 degrees BTDC ) automatic transmission - California ( 8 degrees BTDC ) manual transmission ( 6 degrees BTDC ) according to motorcraft . com

Can the rpm governor on an automatic 4 speed RX-8 be modified so it goes past 8000 rpm or would something be damaged in doing so?

No. The automatic transmission can not take the stress of the full rpms you get in the manual version.

Can you shoot steel shot out of your 870 Remington?

yes, but you shouldn't shoot it with a full choke. make sure you have a modified or improved cylinder choke in the gun before shooting non-toxic shot.

Can you make your pump bb gun semi automatic or fully automatic?

you can make anything automatic. The first semi automatic rifle was a modified lever action Winchester.If you could do it it wouldn't work very well unless you were an awesome engineer.There are many semi and full auto bb guns out there for a tenth of the price of even the tools you would need to make such a conversion.good luck

What is the value of a 1937 threepence silver ring good condition?

Modified coins have no collector value. The ring may have some value.

What is the value of a modified DD 45 caliber Cobray?

I paid $99.00 used in good condition for mine 12/06/07.

Did Remington arms make a mod 37 shotgun?

Shotgun no, bolt action rifle yes (1936-55). But I don't believe any smoothbore so if there's not rifling it's shot out or modified.

Is Browning Suite 16 Automatic Shot gun legal in New York State?

Yes, provided the magazine has not been modified to accept more than five rounds or the shotgun has not been modified to accept a detachable magazine, and it does not have a collapsible buttstock or pronounced pistol grip.

What type of gun did Frank Hamer use to kill Bonnie and Clyde?

According to a story on Frank Hamer in the American Rifleman, September 1911 issue, Hamer used a Remington Model 8 semiautomatic rifle in .30 Remington caliber. It has been frequently stated that Hamer used a specially-modified rifle chambered in .35 Remington caliber which he had made up specifically for the ambush. All evidence indicates this is untrue. While Hamer owned such a rifle, which was modified by the addition of a larger-capacity magazine, he obtained it long after the Bonnie & Clyde ambush. And it was not a Remington Model 8 but rather the later Remington Model 81, which was not manufactured until 1936. Photographs of this rifle and its serial number prove without any doubt that it could not have been used in the ambush, as it did not exist in 1934. Some believe Hamer may have used a 12 gauge Remington Model 11 shotgun in the ambush, but there is nothing to support this theory. However, three such shotgunws were used by other members of the ambush party.