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I WON IT ON THE WWE AUCTION WEBSITE. THEY ONLY AUTOGRAPHED 21 I GOT #6. I WONT SELL It would be well over $20.00, but not too much because it's only 2 people.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 15:10:13
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Q: What would a Wrestlemania 21 souvenir program autographed by Batista and Cena be worth?
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What would a wrestlemania 21 souvenir program autographed by a ton of superstars including batista john cena edge chris Jericho Kane Shelton Benjamin Christian rowdy roddy pipper be worth?

Probably around $110 to $150. It changes all the time depending on who wants to buy it.

What kind of souvenir can you by at a rock concert?

You could buy a Shirt, program, hat, poster, photograph (autographed maybe) and a few other things. It sometimes depends on what type of concert.

How can you use the word program as a noun?

The noun program example sentence:I saved the program from the ballet as a souvenir.

A souvenir you can buy at a rock concert?

t-shirt hat program poster

What souvenir you can buy at a rock concert?

CD, Autograph, Poster, Program, and Hat..

Name a souvenir you can by at a rock concert?

T-Shirt Poster CD Program Hat

How much is an Astros and dodgers souvenir program from 1966 be worth?

like 50 bucks

Sample solicitation letter for souvenir program?

You can find examples of this online. Let the person know about all the benefits of assisting with your program.

Name a souvenir you can buy at a rock conert?

T shirt Poster Cd Program Hat

Name a souvenir you can buy at rock concert?

t-shirt poster cd program hat

Which autographed item is selling for the most in the pawn shop?

hank willmas program

What is a souvenir you get at a rock concert?

Some souvenirs you can get at a rock concert are: t-shirt poster cd program

Can you use the word program as a noun?

The word program is both a noun and a verb. Example uses:Noun: I saved the program from the ballet as a souvenir.Verb: I can program the thermostat to turn on the heat two hours before we return.

What is the value of a 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates program autographed by Roberto Clemente?


What is the value of autographed world tour program the tribute 1964 beatles?

15k - 20k

Can you download WrestleMania 22 from LimeWire?

The chances are Yes you can, although I wouldn't advise using such a program.

What is the value of Elvis Presley autographed concert program?

I think the value of his autograph on an original program from one of his concerts would be at least $5,000.99.

Do more people watch WrestleMania than the super bowl?

Answer: No. The Super Bowl is constantly the most watched program of the year. Plus, the Super Bowl is on broadcast stations, while Wrestlemania is on digital cable.

What is the value of a souvenir program from May 17 1941 at shibe park for connie mack day?

one millon dollars it is the only one in existance.

How much is a 2001 Daytona 500 Program worth?

I just saw a 2001 Daytona 500 Program on E-bay for $20. I also saw a Michael Waltrip autographed program from the same event being offered for $99. I'm sure if you have a Dale Earnhardt autographed copy of the program it'd be worth substantially more ($300-500?). Mine is still in the safe, sealed up, never been opened, where it will probably stay for 25 or more years.

What is the value of a payne Stewart autographed photo in a 1993 ryder cup golf program?

Try ebay, a collector or a sports memoribilia auction.

How much is an autographed duke ellington program From the1940s worth?

It would very much depend upon how many of the band had also signed the program. If it was just Duke's signature, possible $100 on a good day.

What is the value of a souvenir barnstorming program from 1927 Babe Ruth vs Lou Gehrig?

One of these programs sold at a Heritage Auction for $1,300.00. I sold mine on craigslist for $400.00.

Name a souvenir you could get at a rock concert?

If your playing Fmily Feud these are the right answers>>>..>>>>>>...>>>>>>>>>>> 1.T-shirt 2.hat 3.poster 4.program

Is Dave Batista or John Cena considered a better wrestler?

This is a subjective question so it cannot be answered definitively. Here are some of the opinions.John CenaJohn Cena is the better one because he is more charismatic and that is the reason he is on the WWE's flagship program, Raw. Batista is good too but Cena has been chosen to be the next big star, following in the footsteps of the Rock, Steve Austin, and Hulk HoganHard to say. They are both awesome wrestlers but I think it would come down to John Cena. He has excellent skill in the ring.BatistaBatista is better because he is just as quick, stronger and has more powerful moves. Which would you rather NOT have to experience, the five knuckle-shuffle or the Leviathan Spine Buster? The throwback or the Front Power Slam? A John Cena Clothesline or one from BATISTA? A Batista Bomb or a F-U (The F-U is simply a high impact fireman's carry, while the Batista bomb is a devastating sit-down powerbomb)Cena is charismatic, but he SUCKS at rapping? He always says you can't see me, but He is beeing seen worldwide, and personally, I do see him, even though I don't want to. Batista is like a silent assasin. And also, who won the 2005 Royal Rumble? At first, both wrestlers hit the floor, and then BATISTA was smart enough to attack Cena from behind and throw him over only to win the 2005 Royal Rumble. Who had the Main Event at Wrestlemania? BATISTA had the final main event, Cena just had the "pre" main-event. Cena tries to create the Chain Gang, but it isn't as creative as Hulkamania or the People (The Rock). Cena also wears them nasty ol Reebok pumps every week, umm Cena, Real thugs don't wear Reeboks, we wear Air Force Ones or Adidas.