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What would a block of ice weigh if it was 5 ft by 7 ft by 12 in thick?

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A block of ice with the dimensions listed has a volume of 35ft^3. The density of ice at 32F is about 57.24 lb/ft^3. Multiplying the two together gives a mass of the ice of about 2003.4 lbs.

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Would an ice block or a wood block slide down a hill faster?

Ice block

How thick would ice have to be to hold 1150 lbs?

the ice for to have 1500 pounds on would have to be 8-12 inches thick so 1150 Ibs might need 6-8 inches thick

What are thick sheets of ice?

a thick sheet of ice

If a pond was 0.03 meters thick if the ice were 10 times as thick how many meters thick would it be?

It would be 0.3 metres.

How much does 1 ft by 1 ft of ice 2.5 in thick weigh?

12 pounds (5.4 kg).

Does a gallon of water and a gallon of ice weigh the same?

Ice is less dense than water. So a gallon water frozen to a solid block will weigh the same but be 1.1 X its original volume. Conversely a block of ice ocupying the volume taken by a gallon of water willweigh about 0.9 times the gallon of water.

What melts faster a block of dry ice or a block of regular ice?

a block of regular ice.

What is the difference between block shave ice makers and cube shave ice makers?

A Block Shave Ice Maker is when you get a bigblock of ice and put it in a Block Shave Ice Maker.

How much does a one half inch of ice weigh?

"The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill." - Albert Einstein Presumably you are asking about ice that is one half inch thick. The difficulty is that you have not provided the area of the ice you want to weigh. Obviously, a piece of ice that is one half inch thick, and one inch wide and one inch long, will weigh much less than a piece of ice that is one half inch thick, and ten feet wide and ten feet long. Pay attention to what Albert Einstein said.

How thick is pancake ice?

Super thick!

How thick is the ice on Greenland's ice cap?

It is over 2 miles thick at its thickest.

What does the ice on a hockey rink weigh?

== == Ice is frozen water, so the ice would weigh the same as the water that was applied to the surface during the " flooding process ". Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One thousand gallons of water would weigh about 8,000 pounds.

How thick is the ice cap on Antarctica?

The ice sheet of Antarctica has an average thickness of about 1.6 km.The ice on Antarctica is miles and miles thick which is7,100 ft thick.

What would happen to a 10 kg block of ice if you slowly increased the kinetic energy of the molecules within the ice?

it would melt

Is the melting point of a substance is the same as it's surroundings?

no this would depend on the atoms of the substance. for example if you have a block of ice and a block of butterthe block of ice would melt faster because its atoms move more faster to heat than butter does

Why does Antarctica have thick ice?

antarctica has thick ice because it is a land mass that is freazed so it has really big ice

What would happen if you froze a living person in a block of ice?

The question is the answer

What if the sun didn't shines?

The earth would be a block of ice with no life.

How much would a cubic foot of block ice weigh?

57.41 lbs. Ice is 92% the density of water and water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. One cubic foot of water is 7.48 US gallons. George

If you wish to cool something by placing it in contact with ice should you put it on top of the ice block or put the ice block on top of it?

You should put ice block on top of it

Would a 10x10 block of ice put out a fire if dropped from a place into a forest fire?

the ice would put out the fire right after it melts!

What unusual about a 111111111 x 111111111 square inch block of ice?

A block of ice that size would be just over 1,750 miles long on each side, comparable in size to continental ice sheets.

Which melts faster a bunch of ice cubes or a block of ice explain?

A bunch of ice cubes would melt faster than a block of ice. This is because the ice cubes have a greater surface area exposed to warmer temperatures causing accelerated heat absorption.

How much does 21 gallons of ice weigh?

Clear ice weighs about 7.6 lbs per gallon so 21 gallons would weigh about 160 lbs.

Does ice block gamma rays just as efficiently as liquid water?

Ice would block gamma rays better than liquid because it is a more solid Form.