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What would a correct estimated value be for a Colt 45 model?


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which model ?????? condition ??????

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I would need to know the model number of your winchester to give a correct answer.

If it's really a shotgun and a rifle, I have no idea what you have. Several variations of the Model 1300 and Model 1400 shotguns had the Ranger name added and we would need to know a little more about it to give an estimated value.

Educated guess on value would be in the $500-$1,000 range depending on condition and other factors. A Cobb model estimated to be from 1915-1925 sold in 2005 for $225. The Wagner model probably was made before then.

Estimated is like taking a guess as to what the answer would be. Example: 597 + 635 estimated 600 + 600 = estimated guess 1200 with the correct answer being 597 + 635 = 1232 For estimated 345 it could be estimated at 300 or 400

You would have to supply a detailed description of the rifles overall condition to get a correct value.

If it is a canvas transfer and is in great shape, I would say the estimated value of $1300.

I think the value of your trumpet depends more on the model of your trumpet, how old it is and of there's any dents or if any part of your trumpet docent work.

In order to answer your question correctly,I would need the maker of the shotgun,model number or name,and the serial number to determine the correct answer.

The Smith and Wesson model 29 is a caliber .44 magnum revolver. Smith and Wesson has many models in caliber .357 magnum. The closest numbers to the above number would be models 27 and 28. The correct model, the condition and the age are necessary to judge value.

i would like to sell this watch. i would like to know the estimated value.

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because he thought that if more people believe in the geocentric model then his theory would but correct. because he thought that if more people believe in the geocentric model then his theory would but correct.

The body style and condition would make a big difference but in general they average about the same in value.

would like the retial value of a new Mossberg model 860

The value of a Winchester model 330 rifle would be dependent upon a couple different factors. The main factor would be the condition of the rifle.

the model 15, 38 special with short barrel is a sought after model. But, your value would depend on overall condition. As a GUESS I would say about $300 $400

An annuity value calculator calculates past value, present value, and estimated future value of an item or stock. It can also tell you what your current payout would be.

MXM is not a correct Roman numeral, as the symbol X should not be placed before any symbol of a higher value than C. If it were correct its value would be 1990 but the correct way to represent this value would be MCMXC. (M = 1000, CM = 900 and XC = 90).

You only get an "appraised" value if you pay an appraiser to examine the firearm. You could get an "estimated" value on the internet if you would tell us the model and condition. Or you can look on internet auction sites (, etc) and find out similar guns are selling for.

What is the value of a S&W Model 10, Ser# k342403.I would like to start by saying that the Smith and Wesson model 10 was issued a prefix letter C to its serial number,not the letter K.The letter K was issued to the Smith and Wesson models 14,15,16,17,18,19,48,53,66,67,and model 68.That being said;your Smith and Wesson serial number indicates that your firearm was made in the year 1958,and should be one of the models listed above.The value can be determined if you would identify the correct model and include the overall condition of the handgun in question.

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The value of a savage Stevens model 51 single shot would depend on a couple things. The main factor would be the condition.

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A Johnson outboard, model number MS39, would be a 1939 model, 1.1 hp. As for the value of this engine, I suspect it would garner some collecter interest. I have not seen this model up for sale in several years, so I'm not certain of current value. You have a nice engine there, take care of it.

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