What would a eighteen year old boyfriend like for Valentine's Day?

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Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one of the greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas so I can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know him but evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats, etc. and get him something that evolves around that interest.
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Can parents prohibit an eighteen year old from seeing their boyfriend?

If they want to, yes? Answer Unfortunately Yes......(IF) you live in your parents home then they can set their own rules that you must follow in order for you to live there..... However Legally NO they cant prohibit you from seeing your boyfriend or anyone else,because in every state in the USA ( Full Answer )

What should you get your 16 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

From what i can think of the best thing you can get a teen guy for valentines day is something simple like a card with some chocolates and maybe even a valentine bear. especailly if you guys are together cause whenever he see the bear it'll make him think about you when your not around. !

What do you get your 16 year old boyfriend for valentine's day?

Something he's definetly into, something original, personal... Something that might mean something to the two of you. Judge by his hobbies and what he's into... A few ideas might be .... A picture of you two in a nice frame, his favorite band CD, his favorite movie, (if he doesn't already have it) ( Full Answer )

My boyfriend of about a year is 21 and in a band that tours a lot. We will not be together on Valentine's day. What would be a good valentine's day gift for him?

You should get him a red photo album filled with pictures of the two of you and write him a romantic card!!!!!!!!! :< ) I put a link down there for you -- I found this great site - http://www.my-song.ca/alps/vday/sales! You go on and make a personalized love song - I had a great time putting ( Full Answer )

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for sixteen year old boyfriends?

I'm only 15 but my boyfriends 16 though. I thought it was really cute and he really wanted one so i got him a dog tag with an engraved poem I wrote for him on one side and a picture of him and I engraved on the other side I have a matching one but its in the shape of a heart and its not a dog tag an ( Full Answer )

What would an eighteen year old girl want for her birthday?

she might want to go to kids kingdom as it has different age groups to go there or she might want to have a swimming party then go somewhere for lunch afterwards or she could have a bowling party it is a good family celebration or just with friends you could have a slumber party with lots of friends ( Full Answer )

What would happen if a fourteen year old girl in Nevada moved out to live with her eighteen year old boyfriend in Arizona?

Yikes that's wayyy to young. Lots could happen on that choice everything is you do falls on you so if that happens you got to be careful plus its a really young age to already be moving on to big things. Plus its illegal. The 'boyfriend' (in this case child molester) could be charged with various ( Full Answer )

What should you get your 13 year old boyfriend for valentine's day after going out for 11 months?

That depends completely on what kind of guy he is and what kind of relationship you are leading. If you are going out for 11 months you should know him rather well, so just think about what will make him happy. Maybe a traditional valentine's chocolate would be a good present. You make it yours ( Full Answer )

What is a good Valentine's gift for your nineteen year old boyfriend?

Although nobody can say with any level of certainty what your boyfriend might like, for an occasion such as Valentine's day one item is a very safe bet: make him something. It can be anything, like having him over for dinner and cooking his favorite meal for him, of if you have any special talent ( Full Answer )

What do you get your 14 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day if he is a country boy?

it depends how long u have been dating... 1 week- 1 month: a card or a teddy bear are perfect 2 months-4 months: somthing you have noticed he has wantted or needed if you dont know what he wants say you want to go to the mall together and dont ask him what he wants but just see if he lokks at somth ( Full Answer )

What can you get your nineteen year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

It depends, are you wanting to be Romantic or more practical this Valentine's Day? Typically I feel like guys like it when we give practical gifts even on Valentine's Day. Of course, you can be romantic in the card. But some ideas for gifts are, cologne, tech gadgets, belt, shirt. Check out the li ( Full Answer )

What to get your 11 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Get him candy (chocolots) or a stuffed animal with hearts or even something he likes. If i were you i would get him nothing of the above....find out wat he likes and give him that ok? good luck. ......your eleven, why do you have a boyfriend!?!?!?!

What should you get your 17 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day if you have been dating for a few weeks?

Getting gifts for guys can be hard if you make it, but really all you have to do is think about the kind of things he likes. It does not have to be something romantic, it could be something he's wanted for awhile, maybe a new video game or maybe a CD. I can't tell you what exactly what to buy, but I ( Full Answer )

Valentine's Day is appropriate for a twelve year old girl?

To a certain extent. At the delicate age of 12 hormones are going, and boyfriends should be last on the list of things to do. I believe that celebrating Valentines Day at any age is alright, it just depends how. When I was 12, we would do class valentine cards. Everyone would make a box, and then go ( Full Answer )

What can you get for a 12 year old boy for Valentine's Day?

CD. First of all, who doesn't like music?! Second. It should be rock music ... if you get classical or romantic music, he'll be weirded out. Last. If you don't know any good rock music or anything like that ... here are some. . Black Veil Brides . Linkin Park . Flyleaf etc. That should at least ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you love Valentine's Day but you don't have a boyfriend to share it with this year?

Celebrate being single, or get all your other single mates, and celebrate another strong love, friendship love. Grab all your single mates, met at on of their houses and watch a romance free film, eat lots of chocolate and ice-cream (or whatever you like to eat) and have fun. Just keep away from an ( Full Answer )

What should you get a 13 year old boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

hey i'm 13 and i have a 13 year old boyfriend too! I got my boyfriend a dark blue phiten necklace. If he is into sports you could get him one of those or like a powerband bracelet or a new ball of his sport. If not, you can take him out to the movies or to dinner. You can get him candy, his favorite ( Full Answer )

What do you do for Valentine's Day if THE girl you like knows you like her and ONLY her but she hates you and has a boyfriend?

win her over *or another opinion The answer I am about to give is an adult answer, but I will try to word it gracefully in case you are a bit younger. If you truly care about someone and like them, or even love them, then it is "their happiness" that you should be seeking, not your own. If she ( Full Answer )