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Uranium U -235

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Q: What would a lump of enriched uranium the size of a baseball annihilate?
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How many tons of uranium ore are needed to make one kilo of enriched uranium?

A Wikipedia article (see link below) gives the concentration of uranium in ore as 0.01 to 0.25 percent, which is a wide range. If we take 0.1 percent as typical, then 1 tonne (1000Kg) of ore would produce 1 Kg of uranium. This is natural uranium, which is normally enriched by about six times to produce suitable enriched uranium for fuel, so you can say that about 6 tonnes of ore would be needed to give 1 Kg of enriched uranium, but there is considerable variation of this from one source of ore to another

What is enriched uranium?

Enriched uranium is uranium that has had its U-235 isotope content elevated above what it would be when we refine natural uranium after recovering the metal from ore.We know that U-235 is the desired fissionable isotope of uranium, but it is the isotope U-238 that is present in over 99% of all the naturally occurring uranium we mine and recover. We have to put the uranium through a process to separate the U-235 from the U-238. As these two isotopes are chemically identical, it takes a mechanical process to separate them. After running the uranium through a process designed to take advantage of the difference in the mass of the two atoms, the industry will recover uranium with a very high percentage of the U-235 isotope, and this is called enriched uranium.If uranium is enriched to a point where there is up to about 20% U-235, it is low-enriched uranium. Above that 20% mark we see highly enriched uranium. Above about 85%, we call the product weapons-grade uranium. A link can be found below for more information.

How do you spell inialate?

That would be 'Annihilate'.

What would happen if a nuclear warhead was fired into 500kg of enriched uranium?

A pile that large of enriched uranium would already be supercritical. It would have killed everyone involved in piling it up with radiation doses in the 10,000 REM range (almost instant neurological death) and have completely melted down and caught itself on fire, dispersing as uranium oxide smoke. There would be no pile for the warhead to "hit".

What material does a nuclear power station use for energy?

Most nuclear power stations use uranium enriched to 3% uranium-235 isotope. The nuclear power stations in France include some reprocessed plutonium mixed with the enriched uranium. A small number of nuclear power stations were designed with fast neutron breeder reactors and used uranium enriched to as much as 93.7% uranium-235 isotope. As more of the uranium-238 (or thorium-232) in the breeding blanket was transmuted to fissionable plutonium (or uranium) isotopes, the breeding blanket material would be reprocessed and these fissionable isotopes would be used to replace the original spent uranium. But only a small number of such nuclear power stations were built and the system for reprocessing of the breeding blanket material was not set up.

How would annihilate be used in a sentence?

If we annihilate something, we completely destroy or obliterate it. Here are some uses:It was decided to conduct a massive bombing campaign to annihilate any enemy troops in the area.The new chemical used by the exterminating company was designed to annihilate the insects.No promoter would schedule the fight as it was clear the young challenger would annihilate the washed up, out of shape veteran.

Why would it be bad if you lost uranium?

1. Possible contamination of soils, waters, vegetation. 2. Malicious use by a madman or foe. 3. Intoxication with uranium or irradiation (in the case of highly enriched uranium or irradiated uranium). 4. Other types of accidents depending on the quantity, chemical form, physical form or enrichment in 235U.

What would be a good sentence with the word annihilate?

"Hitler set out on a systematic campaign to annihilate the entire Jewish race."

Can you store uranium safely?

Natural uranium can only be made critical by graphite or heavy water, so it can be stored almost anywhere, but obviously as it is valuable it would be stored in secure premises and in good dry conditions. Enriched uranium as used in power reactors can be made critical by normal water so storage should be somewhere that has been made secure against flooding. Highly enriched uranium needs special arrangements as it can become critical simply by having too much too close together, and storing this type of uranium must be supervised by those who know the risks and how to avoid them.

Make a sentence using the word annihilate?

We plan to annihilate the other team at the game this Friday.He told her that he would not just kill her, but annihilate her body, her reputation, and her very existence.If they don't stop bickering with each other and figure out how to work through their differences, they are going to completely annihilate their own relationship.The defense managed to annihilate the significance of the prosecution's most important piece of evidence.

Is the inside of a baseball identical to the inside of an atom bomb?

The inside of an atom bomb is not the same as the inside of a baseball, but the fissile material (enriched uranium/plutonium) contained in an atom bomb could be about the same size as a baseball. The material is surrounded by shaped explosives, detonators, control circuits and a suitable casing. If a baseball was the same as an atomic bomb, nobody would play the game due to an unacceptable risk of vapourisation or radiation poisoning.

Identify three major problems scientists faced in making the atomic bomb?

1. Getting enough radioactive material (uranium) to create the bomb2. Producing enough enriched uranium (Separating the useful Uranium 235 isotope from the more common but useless for bombs Uranium 238 isotope)3. Actually testing the bomb. Some of the scientists thought that the fission would continue indefinitely and consume the whole world. But they did it anyway because why not?

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