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It all depends upon which way Germany won. If you assume that Hitler had invaded Britain right after Dunkirk, then you would be looking at the Greater Third Reich to include all of Austria, the former Czechoslovakia, all of Poland, Alsace and Lorraine (from France), the southern portion of Denmark and Luxemburg, would all be parts of Germany. The far eastern end of the former Czechoslovakia would have been the new country of Slovakia, Croatia would have been it's own state, Yugoslavia would have been a protectorate, along with the northern portions of France and the lowland countries. Bylorussia, the Ukraine, the Baltic states also would all have been protectorates. You would be looking at the EU version in 1940s that stretched in the east from the Ural mountains to the west including Britain. From the artic circle in the north to the med. Include the provinces consumed by Italy and this would stretch south to include the northern portion of Africa.

AnswerIf Nazi Germany would have won the war Ireland would have gained Ulster Hitler would have annexed lands beyond Alsace-Lorraine in eastern France to Germany incorperated the South Tirol, Austria and Slovenia, all of Czechland, Croatia would have annexed Bosnia and Serbia would have been left as rump state with Kosova to Albania and Macedonina to Bulgaria. Southern Denmark to Germany. All of Poland to Germany the Baltics as well and Ukraine and Belarus as protectorates. kind of makes you wonder.... AnswerSee the maps in the front of the book "If Hitler Had Won" by Richard E. Osborne. Shows Germany and Italian division of Europe, Mid East, Africa, and European Sovet Union. These countries would have disappeared; Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. These countries would have appeared: Burgundy (a buffer state between Germany and France consisting of French-speaking Belgium, territory from northeastern France and the French-specaking part of Switzerland), Flanders, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and a political entity around Warsaw called The General Government which would be very much like an American Indian reservation and the homeland of the Poles. Germany would have annexed the German-speaking portion of Switzerland,Lichtenstein, the Crimea (Germany's future "Riveria")and the Black Sea Coast of Ukraine and renamed it Taurita. They would also have taken the port of Salonica in Greece, the easternmort part of Thrace adjacent to European Turkey and several of the Aegean islands. In the Baltic area, Germany would have taken the three Baltic state and parts of Beylrussia and would eventually convert them into a colony called Ostland that would one day be annexed by German. Ukraine would become a German colony and Russia would be renamed Muscovy and become Germany's penal colony to replace the concentration camps. Germany's advance eastward would stop at the Ural Mountains and a permanently-armed frontier would be established to protect Europe from the barbarians of the east. The Caucasian states of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan would become German vassal states and Germany would control their oil resources. Germany and and Italy would divide Slovenia (northwestern Yugoslavia) and Italy and Bulgaria would divide Macedonia. Italy would enlarge Albania at the expense of Serbia and Greece and take Montenegro and Bosnia. Italy would take the Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Malta and Crete, most of the Mid East (and its oil)and acquire Egypt as a protectorate and become master of the Suez Canal. Italy would also take parts of southeastern France, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and Monaco. Bulgaria would take Thrace except for the German portion, and part of Serbia. Hungary would take part of Ukraine eastward to the Dniester River and part of Poland. Romania would take Bessarabia (Moldavia), and area east of Bessarabia known as Transdniestria, and parts Yugoslavia. The Axis Powers would not attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean and invade North America. Instead, they would encourage the United States to return to its prewar policy of isolationism and keep its nose out of Europe.
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Q: What would a map of Europe look like if Germany had won World War 2?
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It is difficult to imagine that Germany with Hitler in control could ever have avoided a massive world war. Hitler wanted to conquer most of Eastern Europe, kill the inhabitants and repopulate it with Germans. Hitler wanted to make Germany a world power that would dominate the globe. He knew that he would have to fight wars with the western powers in order for this to happen. In fact, he wanted this to happen, so that Germany could replace Britain, France and America as the sole, dominant world power. Hitler was extremely committed to invading and destroying Poland and Eastern Europe. If for some reason he had been forced to abandon his planned September 1939 invasion, he would have pushed hard for an invasion at the earliest possible opportunity. He knew that Britain and France were likely to declare war on Germany if he did so - not only did he not care, he wanted it to happen, because he predicted that Germany would quickly defeat them and then go about his plans of seizing all of Eastern Europe without interference. Hitler's plan was for massive conquest and control of Europe, pure and simple. As long as he remained in power in Germany, he would have tried to implement it. He was already furious that the invasion of Poland had been delayed as long as it had been. The only way that Europe could have avoided a general war in those circumstances would be for an internal German coup against Hitler - using probably the elements of the military who opposed him. Otherwise, the history of Europe with Hitler in control of Germany pretty much only had one way of unfolding - a massive war along the lines of World War II. If Hitler had had everything his own way, he would have been able to invade and occupy all of Eastern Europe without interference from France and Britain, destroying the Soviet Union and massacring its entire population. He then would have fought short victorious wars against France and Britain, and then would have allied with a compliant British Empire to launch a world war against America to ensure Germany would dominate the world unopposed.

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