What would a married man be thinking when he got caught cheating and stopped talking to the mistress for now but he sees her everyday at work?

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He would be thinking about the mistress all the time and want her real bad.
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If a married man got caught cheating but yet he sees his mistress everyday at work but yet doesnt talk 2 his mistress unless she talks 2 him first what goes through his head when he sees her?

That he wishes he had never been caught so he could still have both of you. And how he wishes you weren't there any more as a reminder of what he is too scared to pursue any m

Why would a married man not call his mistress when he sees her at work everyday after being caught cheating is it because he'd be tempted to cheat with her again?

That could be a contributory factor. Its just possible that he is done with all the cheating and doesn't want to to repeat such mistakes. Once you have slept with someone once

After a married man gets caught cheating and stops contact with his mistress even though he sees her at work everyday does he still think about having sex with her and how often from a man's view?

Depends on the man, Some men think about it all day, others just think about it with one person, often the one they love. If you have any doghts go threw therapy with a SHRINK

Does a married man think about his mistress at all since he had to stop seeing her because he got caught cheating?

no he thinks about his x ~and~ From my point of view I would think so because he didn't stop messing around with his mistress, he was caught and possibly forced to.

Does a married man ever think about his ex mistress when he stopped seeing her because he got caught cheating especially when he sees her at work everyday but yet stayed with wife?

it depends what the person is like. yes if he really cared about you. ANSWER: I think it depends on the married man, there are married men that become obsess towards his m

Why would a married man not talk to his ex mistress now knowing he wanted to before he got caught cheating when he said he cared about her?

Mistresses come under the heading of 'a kept woman.' Keeping a woman means the man in question is generally sexually attracted to her; may ply her with gifts; take her out or

Why would a married man stop talking to his ex mistress after he got caught cheating when he told her he wants to talk to her but can't right now and hasn't talk to her for 4 mths now?

Because he is more interested in maintaining his marriage than in keeping the mistress. After four months, it's pretty clear that he wants the mistress to go away and not b

If a married man stops talking to his ex mistress after he got caught cheating then why does he still look at her at work then turns away when you catch him?

Nothing prevents a man from feeling lust toward people with whom he does not speak. When he looks, the man's primal urges are stirring. He is still physically attracted to hi
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If a married man stopped talking to his ex mistress only because he got caught cheating and he was ignoring her for 4mths but now you see him stare at her a lot why the sudden change?

The man hasn't looked at the woman for a while because he is afraid that he will be caught again. However now he feels as if enough time has passed that no one will notice if
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Why would a Married man who got caught cheating still talk to the mistress?

It could be that this married man don't want to loose his mistress, even though that his affair is been discovered. No one can force him to stop except his wife or family, but