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Mens waist sizes are simply womens sizes + 20.

For example, Womens size 8 = Mens size 28 and Womens size 10 = Mens size 30.

To answer the question, a mens waist size 36 is a womens size 16.

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Q: What would a mens waist size 36 be in womens clothing size?
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What would a mens waist size 28 pants be in womens?

it would be a 10 or a 12

What would womens size 16 jeans be in mens jeans?

about a 38 waist

What size would a mens 32 waist be in womens pants?

I believe it to be size 10

What would a mens waist size 38 pants be in womens?

Size 18 or 1X

What is a 28 waist in mens jeans in womens jeans?

Size 4.

Is there a shoe brand that starts with z?

Zamberlan, mens' and womens', boots and shoes. Zengara, mens' boots and shoes. Zero, mens' and womens' boots and snow gear. Zoo York, mens' shoes and clothing. Zoot Sports, mens' and womens' shoes and clothing.

Size 20 womens pants are what size in men's clothing?

Size 20 womens pants are what size in mens clothing

What is size 40inch mens trousers in womens size?

40 inch is the waist measurement.

What was the clothing of colonial North Carolina?

pants shirts skirts for womens and dresses for both womens and mens

What is a 30 waist in mens jeans in womens jeans?

Jr.size 7 or 9. It seems to change with the maker. Womens size 8.

You wear a 32 waist in mens jeans what would you wear in a womens jean?

I totally depends on the designer, but a 32 (US waist) can also equate to a size 14. You would wair a 32 aswell.

What is the style of Ed Hardy clothing?

They have womens and mens styles. They are mostly casual wear.

What is size 44r in mens clothing?

For American clothing, the 44 would notate the waist size. The R refers to the fact that it is a regular fit. A 44R in European men's' clothing, however, would be quite different.

What is a size 18 in womens pants converted into mens?

That's gotta be in the low to mid forties for waist size

Are mens shoes2 sizes bigger than womens?

Yes they are so if u are a 10 in mens then u would be a 12 in womens

What rowing crews does NZ have?

this season we have a mens double, mens pair, mens single, mens lightweight double, mens lightweight four, womens single, womens pair, womens quad, womens double and a mens adaptive rower

If you wear an 8 12 in womens shoes what size would you wear in mens?

You would wear a size 6 1/2 in mens. Mens sizes are two sizes smaller than womens.

If you wear a size 9 in womens then what would your shoe size be in mens?

11, because my friend's a size 8 in womens and size 6 in mens

What would a mens size medium be in womens?

Probably a large...

If you wear an 11 in womens jeans what would you wear in mens jeans?

Men's jeans sizes are much easier than women's. You just measure your waist and your inseam. For example, a men's 34x32 is a 34" waist and a 32" inseam.

Does the Haband website just sell mens clothing?

The Haband website offers Mens and Womens clothing and shoes, and also home decorative products and heath care products for the elderly, such as walkers and canes.

What would a Womens Size 11 pant be in Mens pants size?

in mens be like ..size 32

What does Size 28 in mens converts to what in womens?

size 28 in mens - 20 = size 8 in womens mens sizes are the same as womens sizes + 20.

Which countries have gold medals in volleyball?

As of the 2008 Bejing Olympics the following countries have won a gold medal in volleyball at the olympics: United States 3 mens 3 mens beach 2 womens beach Soviet Union 3 mens 4 womens Brazil 2 mens 1 womens 1 mens beach 1 womens beach Japan 1 mens 2 womens Cuba 3 womens China 2 womens Netherlands 1 mens Poland 1 mens Australia 1 womens beach Yugoslavia 1 mens

What would womens size 14 jeans be in mens jeans?


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