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I would do my chores than play and work on my farm if i owend one.

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Would it be wrong if a 11yearold boy daing a 12 year old girl?


What to do when a 11yearold girl is alone and does not have any friends?

Well, I'm a boy.. But personally if i were a girl (LOL) i would just throw myself out there and make new friends... Or get a boyfriend. I'm sure you're a pretty girl. You might not see yourself that way but others might What some people see a pile of sh*t, some see beauty

What is the best thing a guy could want in a girl?

A typical guy would want a girl to be pretty, smart, funny, and rich.

Would tom or bill kaulitz date a girl with a 1940's style?

That would depend on what the style was of. If it were the style of a 1940s iron, for example, they may not wish to date her.

What is a sentence for the word typical?

typical - normal, usual, regular The typical high school girl wanted to be popular.

Was Griet like a typical girl her age in Girl with a Pearl Earring?

Yes because she goes with the flow. Even if that wasn't famous, she would have just went on with it.

What do they mean when they say that a girl is unique?

It means she is NOT a typical, average girl and she is different then others

What is a typical day for Junior Girl Scouts?

A typical day for a Junior Girl Scout would be like any day for a 9 or 10 year old.As far as Girl Scout Junior activities, generally she would attend a troop meeting anywhere from one to four times a month and attend any Girl Scout events as determined by the troop.Much of what any Girl Scout or Girl Guide does is determined by the girls and the troop leaders. As Girl Scout Juniors, the girls should be starting to do planning of troop activities and budgeting of troop funds.A typical day for a Junior Girl Scout is:songsgamesnackScout leader plans something to dobadge worklast songannouncements (if any)they go home

What is a sentence using the word typical?

(typical means normal, usual, regular) The typical high school girl wants to be popular. The typical computer user today does not have to know much about how its programs operate.

What is a typical romanian name?

For a girl,, "Mihaela" for a boy "Claudiu"

What does the phrase girl next door mean?

It means to be like a common girl,typical, average, a girl you'd find next door.

What is the typical plot of romances?

Boy meets girlBoy loses girlBoy fights through conflictBoy wins girl

What is the typical shoe size for a 7year old girl?

3 to 4

What was medicine like in the 1940s?

Antibiotics were developed in the 1940s. Penicillinseemed to be a miracle drug. We had not yet found a cure for polio. Transplant surgery was not yet discovered. Women were in the hospital for three days with girl children and five days for boys.

Is it wrong of you to want to go on a date and should he drive?

I don't see how this would be a bad thing, and it's typical for the man to drive the girl to a date or something.

Is it typical behavior for a 4 year old boy to sometimes want girl things or to say he wants to be or look like a girl?

I would assume so since children at that age are still amazingly curious about everything.

What is a typical shoe size for a 9 year old girl?

Everyone is different!

What is A typical day for a bahamian girl?

working very hard but also have fun :)

What does the average 13 year old girl weigh?

At age 13, girls typically vary a great deal in height, so their weight would also vary. But if a typical 13 year-old girl is about 4'10, her weight would range in the 85-115 pound range.

What is typical shoe size for a 4 year old girl?

Around 8-10

What does Cody Simpson ilke in a girl?

Well, funny, cute, smart, you know the typical.

What did girl wear in the 1940s?

Girls from ages 4-15 would wear a closed blouse with a high waisted skirt above or below knee high. Another fashion would be a dress below knee hight with solid colors like blue, black , white, with a sweater.

Could you show the pin up picture of Betty White from the World War 2 era of the 1940's?

Betty White was not a pinup girl in the 1940s. She was not a famous celebrity yet. But, I think you are thinking of Betty Grable who what the hottest pin up girl in the 1940s. I have provided one copy of a Betty Grable pin up for you on the related link below.

When does a typical girl have her first period?

Probably twelve even though i am twelve and haven't had mine. Every girl has it at a different time i guess

Does this guy like me or what's his deal so we have a couple of classes together and i he has started hugging me and also hugs another girl but when he hugs this girl he looks at me?

Yes he likes you, and is using her to show you that he can get other girls... but would rather be with you; typical juvenile move.