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This is a question everyone might have a different answer to. Just think to yourself what thing you would want someone to know about you. Figure it out and think of an answer.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-25 01:13:30
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Q: What would be a good answer to what is a question you never been asked but would love to be asked?
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"The question that has never been asked has not been asked yet." This is the only answer possible, because if the question has never been asked yet, then it doesn't, nor can it ever exist. Therefore, the question that has never been asked has already been asked - simply by posing the intitial question.

What if this question had never been asked?

Then you wouldn't have gotten this answer.

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This is a confused question that can not be answered.

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This is the only question you've asked, and it has been answered.

What question have you never been asked that you want to answer?

I would like to for some one to ask me how many moons there are in Neptune and I know the answer which is 63

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This is impossible to answer. As soon as anyone tries to answer by asking a question, they just disqualified that question as an answer. For instance, someone could ask, "How do I modify my own DNA to where I can have flashing green skin?" As soon as they ask it, it is no longer a question that has never been asked before.

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Umm.. what??? I mean, seriously. By telling you (if I knew), then it wouldn't have been never asked before. No such question exists because of that.

If you asked a question on WikiAnswers and it doesn't get answered can you ask it again?

If it does not get answered, you just have to wait. If you do ask again,( which is not recommended) it will not get your answer any faster. If your question was spammed, or just plain nonsense, then your question would have been deleted, and it will never have been answered.

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It would be the same question.

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the answer is not apparent or the question would not have been asked--morons !

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... is an example of something that is NOT A QUESTION and should never have been asked here.

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Who knows? She's never been asked that question directly by a member of the media.

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