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This is a question everyone might have a different answer to. Just think to yourself what thing you would want someone to know about you. Figure it out and think of an answer.


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"The question that has never been asked has not been asked yet." This is the only answer possible, because if the question has never been asked yet, then it doesn't, nor can it ever exist. Therefore, the question that has never been asked has already been asked - simply by posing the intitial question.

Then you wouldn't have gotten this answer.

I would like to for some one to ask me how many moons there are in Neptune and I know the answer which is 63

This is impossible to answer. As soon as anyone tries to answer by asking a question, they just disqualified that question as an answer. For instance, someone could ask, "How do I modify my own DNA to where I can have flashing green skin?" As soon as they ask it, it is no longer a question that has never been asked before.

Umm.. what??? I mean, seriously. By telling you (if I knew), then it wouldn't have been never asked before. No such question exists because of that.

If it does not get answered, you just have to wait. If you do ask again,( which is not recommended) it will not get your answer any faster. If your question was spammed, or just plain nonsense, then your question would have been deleted, and it will never have been answered.

First, your question might just have been moved to another Category or its wording might have been changed. For example, this question was moved to the "Questions About WikiAnswers Website" Category and changed from "Why when you asked a question 2 times it was never posted?" to "Why when you asked a question two times was it never posted?" Second, but less commonly, your question might have been deleted. This is very unusual. It's generally only done in cases of spam or vandalism, or when the same question has been asked many times. If neither of these seem likely maybe there is some problem we're not aware of. Please e-mail WikiAnswers @ and let us know what you asked.

Yes they get asked this question a lot and have never been in a fight c:

the answer is not apparent or the question would not have been asked--morons !

Your question hasn't been asked by anyone else yet. Please submit the question to WikiAnswers and then your question might get answered. WikiAnswers' database doesn't have all of the questions in the world yet, so it would be nice if you asked the question so others can answer it for you.

Who knows? She's never been asked that question directly by a member of the media.

The Earth. Without it, we would not be here and the question would not have been asked. :o)

a question that has only just been asked

It really depends on what is asked. If the question is, have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime? Then the answer would have to be yes. If the question is, have you ever been convicted of a crime, then the answer is no.

A moot question is one which has not been decided. (i.e.- If you ask a question which has already been asked by someone else - but to which there is not yet an answer, then YOUR question can be dismissed as 'moot' because it redundant (has already been asked).)

The least commonly asked question is one which is not asked. There are an infinite number of questions competing for this spot.any question that has not yet been created by man's imagination is uncommonly asked. A better question is, "What language has asked the least amount of questions?"

Because without the Sun, the planets would never have formed, Earth would never have formed, life would never have formed, so you would never have been born, Chris Whitten would never have been born, so wikianswers would never have existed. So we need the Sun for this question to be answered!

The question was asked on the 9th of March, at which time the answer would have been November. The question was answered on the 22nd of April, at which time the answer is December.

There have been many, but one is... What was the most unusual question ever asked on wikianswers?

I would say, though have never been asked this specific question. I assume you were married and now divorced or divorcing? see links

Only once a week. The question was asked on a Tuesday, and answered on a Wednesday, so the answer would have been "No" in both instances.

I've been divorced for 5 years and have never asked my ex that question. Are you two still close and do things? Like hanging out? If your answer is no, I would tread those waters cautiously.

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