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What would be a good guitar pickup for HardcoreScreamoMetal music?

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July 12, 2010 11:36PM

heres a small list of ones for screamo and hardcore music

Seymour Duncan Blackouts give you this brutal tone and sound great in clean too

Seymour Duncan Invaders set

EMG 81/81 combination

Dimarzio X2N bridge ... D-Activator neck

one kind of expensive set and one really cheap set since im not sure what brands you're into

nailbombs by Bare Knuckles are expensive but youtube them

Warpigs by them too

or.. cheap

GFS has a power rail bridge for about 30 bucks american, supposed to sound great.

my pick is blackouts or the invaders though depending on what kind of guitar you use... plus the thicker the strings the better for that brutal tone but you already know that.