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heres a small list of ones for screamo and hardcore music

Seymour Duncan Blackouts give you this brutal tone and sound great in clean too

Seymour Duncan Invaders set

EMG 81/81 combination

Dimarzio X2N bridge ... D-Activator neck

one kind of expensive set and one really cheap set since im not sure what brands you're into

nailbombs by Bare Knuckles are expensive but YouTube them

Warpigs by them too

or.. cheap

GFS has a power rail bridge for about 30 bucks american, supposed to sound great.

my pick is blackouts or the invaders though depending on what kind of guitar you use... plus the thicker the strings the better for that brutal tone but you already know that.

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Is it possible to put a guitar pickup in a guitar that has only one pickup?

yes its very possible.!! you must first determine what pickup you have currently in your guitar and buy one that is the same size and configuration and change the existing pickup with your new you've put a guitar pickup(new)into your guitar with one pickup,but this is an exchange!! but if you want to add a second pickup to a guitar that has only one to begin with,you would have to do extensive surgery to make it work.first you would have to: 1.)router out a hole for the new pickup and drill holes for new wiring to include the pickup in your original configuration. 2.)you'll have to re wire your guitar and also drill holes for separate volume and tone and possibly selector switches to switch from one pickup to the other. so,in reality its usually easier to sell or just keep your guitar with the single pickup and possibly buy a second guitar the way you want it configured from the classified ads,an online used marketplace,pawnshop from a friend or even new but the work required for adding a pickup is very intensive and not for an amateur at all.

Where can you buy sheet music with parts for guitar and bass guitar?

I would ask a local music shop, otherwise I dont think you can.

In music what family would an acoustic guitar be in?


What is the acoustic guitar's genre of music?

The type of music you hear from an acoustic guitar would be Country.If you are thinking of an electric guitar you can hear many types of music such as rock or Heavy metal music.

Where would you find an acoustic electric guitar?

A music store.

What does the rhythm and treble toggle on a guitar do?

It basically switches between pickups. Depending on what position it is in determines what pick up is on. Assuming you have a two pickup guitar, the treble position would mean the bridge pickup is on, if it is in the middle position it means both pickups are on, and if it is in the rhythm position it means only the neck pickup is on.

What is classical guitar music wriiten in?

If you mean what clef, that would be treble clef.

What is the purpose of a pickup on a guitar?

The pickup uses magnets to detect the vibration of the strings, sending them as electrical signals through wires in the guitar, through the lead, and into the amp, where they are amplified and converted back into vibrations in the speaker cone. without the pickups, you would not hear the sound through an amp.

What is the acoustic guitar's most famous genre of music?

The most famous music featuring the acoustic guitar from what I know would have to be Country music.

Is there a band without a guitar?

To claim otherwise would be to claim that music didn't exist before the guitar. Since the guitar shares common heritage with a number of other stringed instruments, this would be a nonsense.

What are the best electric guitar strings for indie style music?

Ernie Ball strings would be good for indie music. :)

What is that part that makes an acoustic guitar acoustic electric?

You mean an electro acoustic (that's just what I call em but ya know)? That would be the pickup situated inside the body of the body of the guitar.

What would the purpose of guitar tabs be?

Guitar tabs are a simple way of reading and writing music for guitar players. Rather than using music scales and notes, the bars respresent the strings and the numbers on the bars (or strings) represent the fret number that is held down on the guitar neck.

Can you upload your own music to guitar hero 4?

i hope! cause it would be awesome!

Does playing guitar release endorphins?

That would probably depend on the variety of music that was being played. Music that you enjoy would release endorphins, while playing music you dislike would just irritate you further.

What is a country music guitar called?

I have heard it called a flat top. I think a dobro would be considered a country guitar for sure as well.

What guitar would you use in an orchestra?

Guitars generally aren't found in orchestral music, but for pieces that do include it, it's usually for classical guitar.

What guitar should you buy?

It depends on on what type of music you want to play (country would be a traditional gutiar, rock would be an electrical guitar or bass guitar, for example, and so on), the amount you are willing to spend, and the type you want.

What was the reason for the invention of the guitar?

The guitar was invented simply to be a musical instrument (what would life be without music). It is like saying why was a television invented, you don't need it but it would be good to have.

Do you have to read music to write a song?

It depends on what instrument would write it on. For guitar, you can know just the chords, but don't have to read music!

What is this song called on the music games on Xbox 360 the advert is for guitar hero world tour?

No. You would have to replicate in the Music Studio.

I have an acoustic electric guitar that might need a new pickup put inside of it and i was wondering how much money it will cost?

I personally charge £20 for the installation, not including the pickup itself. You can get a great undersaddle pickup, the Fishman Matrix Infinity for around £130, and passive pickups are made that cost as little as £30, though the sound quality won't be as good. It depends on the quality of your guitar whether you think it would be worth investing in a great pickup.

Is an electric guitar the best guitar?

It depends on personal preference classical music would be best played on a classical guitar, metal would sound best on electric acoustic is a different sound so it is up to personal preference

Where can you buy a guitar rack?

A guitar rack is an important piece to ensure your valued instrument is kept in tip top shape. I would suggest that you look at your local music and/or guitar shop as they would be most knowledgeable with regards to your needs.

What instruments are traditional in bluegrass music?

The instruments would include: guitar; fiddle; mandolin; and banjo.