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Depending on the grade, either make them totally re-do the assignment, or deny the points for the copied part. Younger students are less likely to understand that what they did was wrong, so you should give them a chance to do the work over for a grade. Older students need to see that plagiarism is wrong and will not earn them any points - I always told mine that I gave the points to the person who wrote that material, but not to the one who copied it! You should be careful to make a difference between the behavior and the student - plagiarism is wrong, but the student isn't a bad person for trying it. It was a mistake, and they should be made to see that they can correct it and learn how to summarize and write things into their own words.

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A sentence for craved?

The student craved an easy answer for this assignment so much that plagiarism rules were overlooked.

What are legal consequences of plagiarism?

Plagiarism should not be confused with copyright, which is quite a different thing. For a student more immediate (and more probable) consequences of plagiarism include:Much reduced grade.Starting or continuing a reputation for plagiarism.Assignment not counting.Seminar not counting.Having to repeat a semester or year.In extreme cases, expulsion.

How can plagiarism affect you as a student?

Schools and colleges are often inconsistent in their handling of plagiarism. Some will give a low grade or reject your work (but allow you to do the assignment again). At the other extreme you may find an important qualification, such as a degree, is refused and/or that you are excluded. So, don't take foolish risks.

Why are works cited pages so important on student's homework?

A works cited page is very important part of a student's homework. Plagiarism is a serious crime and is dealt with in different ways at different academic institutions. Providing a works cited page with a homework assignment is a way for a student to give credit to others who have assisted with the assignment. Taking ideas from someone else's work without giving them credit for it is stealing and plagiarism. To avoid being accused of plagiarism a works cited list is a crucial component of submitted assignments.

Can a student be penalized for unintentional plagiarism?

Yes. Most schools will have some sort of punishment, wheather if it is a zero on the paper, or whatnot, but unintentional plagiarism is still plagiarism nonetheless. And from the teacher's perspective, unintentional plagiarism looks a whole lot like intentional plagiarism.

What is cyber-plagiarism?

Plagiarism that occurs online/ on the internet.

Describe your student in a million words or less?

This is an assignment given to students to take home for their parents or guardians to write. This assignment is for the teacher to learn more about the student.

When a student begins a new reading assignment what should he or she do first?

he or she first open the book and reading assignment

Plagiarism what happens if you get caught?

Which plagiarism checker shows the percentage of plagiarism in your work?

Almost all good plagiarism checkers will show the plagiarism score in their report. They should also be showing the highlighted text that was matched elsewhere along with the respective source links so that the student has all the important information.

A student found guilty of plagiarism at APUS will have an entry made on hisher student record A second violation may result in what?

dismissal from the university

Plagiarism can be prevented if a student changes just a few words from the original source document?

not true

Deontological ethics in the work place?

I suspect plagiarism, but cannot prove it, should I confront the student

How can students and teachers deal with the ethic problems of plagiarism?

You suspend the student for a week and if they do it again expel them.

Describe the likely stages involved in the design and operation of an Activity Based Costing system?

Haha... James Kwan's student??? Assignment 1 ?!?!?!?! Haha... James Kwan's student??? Assignment 1 ?!?!?!?!

How do you write a conversation of 20 dialogues between a student and his favourite sports star?

WikiAnswers is not going to provide 20 dialogues for you to copy -- that is plagiarism. You'll have to complete this assignment on your own. To write dialogue, just pretend you and your friends are talking -- that's all dialogue is, people talking.

Is a progress report important for a business student?

If, by "progress report", you are referring to a class assignment, then, "yes", it is important for a business student. If the student is unclear as to why, then the student should ask his/her teacher for further information.

How would you describe to the student why plagiarism is dishonest?

Simply as "Plagiarism is stealing. When you plagiarise something, your taking credit for something you didn't do, and that's lying. So if you get caught plagiarising, not only will you fail that assignment, plus you will look like a thief and a liar"

What are the release dates for Student Loans - 2013 The Assignment Pt-1 1-3?

Student Loans - 2013 The Assignment Pt-1 1-3 was released on: USA: 21 November 2013

What are the release dates for Student Loans - 2013 The Assignment Pt-2 1-4?

Student Loans - 2013 The Assignment Pt-2 1-4 was released on: USA: 2 December 2013

Should students who forget their homework be kept after school?

Depending on the homework they get and what kind of student they are, you should decide. If the homework was a long-term assignment that the student had several days to complete, they should have a punishment. However, if they are a good student, and they forgot a short term assignment, you should give them a second chance.

What are the harmful effects of plagiarism?

Plagiarism allegations can result in the suspension or expulsion of a student. Their academic records will be flagged for this event.A professional business person will be affected by plagiarism for his/her entire career and his/her credibility will take a big blow.The most dangerous effect of plagiarism is its legal repurcussions. Copyright infringement laws are very strict and often the violation of these laws results in hefty fines or/and prison sentence.

If a student submitted a paper that looked WAY beyond their grade's writing level but there was no proof of plagiarism and no previous work from the student to compare it to what would a teacher do?

If that's really his work, he can defend it. The teacher should conduct a defense where in he/she asks his/her students about their work. The teacher should also look forward to the student's future work. If the student cannot do the same and/or better on a similar topic it could be plagiarism.

How should I choose the best Online Assignment Help Services?

Treat Assignment Help is best academic writing services provider at moment. To avail of our service, you need to quickly submit the form available on the home page of our website. You can get a free quote by using this form to share your assignment brief. The next step is to make the payment, and in the final step, we will deliver your work.

How do you write tutor in a sentence?

"The college student needed advice on her assignment so she asked her tutor."

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