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Hi, I am also searching for such answer. My 97 crv keeps leaking oil from the engine. 2 days ago I have an oil changed in a local mechanic shop. They noticed the problem too and I was quoted $260 for fixing it by changing a new valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket and a drain plug, of course, including labor charge. I didn't expect to pay close to $300 to solve this problem in a regular oil change visit. So I took the checklist they gave me and quoted the price for the parts I need from Autoadvance, end up to be $140 something. With the help of my friend who loves fixing car, hopefully this is all I need to pay to fix the oil leaking.

2) I had my oil pan gasket replaced in Long Beach, CA in December of '06. The oil pan gasket cost $10, if purchased from an after market auto parts store, the repair shop charged $25. It was $100 for the labor and that was after haggling them down to that amount. I too was shocked it was going to be so much to have it replaced.

3) I just spent 5 hours changing out the oil pan gasket on my '84 Landcrusier. I have to say that it was a terrible experience. Pay the $100 dollars! It will be well worth it. I'll give you a run down: 1. Drain the oil (easy) 2. pull the oil pan off (not so easy) 3. Clean the oil pan gasket area from the pan and the engine block (easy but time consuming) 4. Put sealant on the engine block and hold the gasket up to the block until it holds (not so easy) 5. Put sealant on the oil pan and mount (you'll swear alot on this step) 6. Put all the bolts back in and torque to spec (not so easy unless you have an unrestricted path to the bolts) 7. Drink alcohol to unwind.

4)I replaced a valve cover gasket on a 1996 Honda Odyssey which would be the equivalent job as on a 97 CRV. It is about the easiest gasket job you can do for this vehicle. A rubber gasket should not cost more than $25-$35 at a local auto parts store. They are simple to install since you do not use any sealant with this type. You just remove the bolts and gently pry it off. Clean up the mating surfaces really good. Line up the new gasket and valve cover then put the bolts back in and torque them to specs. It's an hour job with clean up for a DIY. I've not done the oil pan gasket but have looked at it under a 1998 CRV. This looks a little bit harder since you have the engine shield to remove and the exhaust pipe runs right over it and very close. I think $100 is reasonable to do the oil pan gasket. If you do it yourself I recommend getting silicon gasket maker. It will make the job much easier. You just put a bead of it on both mating surfaces, let a skin form then mate them. Lightly tighten them down but not all the way. Let set for 12 hours then tighten down the rest of the way.

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Q: What would be a reasonable cost to have an oil pan gasket replaced on a '97 Honda CRV?
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A reasonable price quoted for a oil pan, and gasket replaced on a 2003 Mercury Sable is $350. That is professionally done, so they may charge slightly more for labor.

Should you be charged an oil change when you have a gasket replaced?

If you needed a gasket and they replaced it then yes you would be charged for the gasket.

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Cost to replace oil pan gasket for dodge caravan?

If the gasket is replaced by you, then the only cost would be the replacement gaskets which do not cost much.

What would cause pressure in the radiator besides thermostatalready replaced head gasket?

radiator cap

Why would engine oil leak into the radiator of a 1998 Honda Accord LX 4-cylinder auto 49000 miles replaced head gasket twice?

Blown head gasket, wrapped or cracked head. Can also possibly be Transmission fluid, entering due to a leak within the radiator.

What would cause a transmission fluid leak in a 2002 Honda passport?

AnswerIt could be your boot or seal around the transmission.My 2002 passport was leaking from the front pan, the transmission has a front and rear pan and the gasket had to be replaced.

Why would thermostat on 1994 dodge Dakota leak after being replaced?

Was the gasket replaced? Have you checked the hose and the heater core. Is everything tightened down?

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Check drain plug & around pan gasket for leaks-especially front & back; those areas trickiest to seal.

Why is your 1998 Honda Accord is smoking and spraying antifreeze.?

i would have to say it sound like a blown head gasket

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Leaking valve cover gasket.Leaking valve cover gasket.

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head gasket may need to be replaced

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