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An easy and safe way is to do so with someone you know and trust and is willing; this would usually be classed as a close friend.

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Will you bleed when you lose your virginity?

No real way to tell except for when you do lose your virginity.

What is the most pleasurable way for a girl to lose her virginity?

Losing her virginity when she is fully aroused, lubricated, comfortable, and willing would be the best possible way for her to be pleasured doing so.

Can you lose your virginity by dirty photos?

No, though some might say a person has lost their innocence when viewing explicit images, there is no way a person can lose their virginity from them. You must have sexual intercourse to lose your virginity.

In what cases can you lose your virginity?

In reality, you can lose your virginity anywhere, at any time, and at any age, but the only way to lose it is by having actual sexual intercourse.

Is sex the only way by which you can loose your virginity?

By definition, one loses their virginity by having sex. So, yes. Sex is the only way by which you can lose your virginity.

How do you lose girls their virginity?

Boys and girls loose their virginity the same way, by having sexual intercourse.

How does a guy lose his virginity with a condom on?

He loses his virginity with a condom on the same way he loses his virginity without a condom; that is by having sexual intercourse.

Ways to finger for a girl but still not lose her virginity?

Any way. fingering is not taking her virginity. penetration with the penis is.

How do you lose your virginity in middle school?

Same way as you do in High School...

What's an easy way to lose your virginity so it doesn't hurt?

Depending how experieced or softly the guy taking you virginity is, it might not hurt as much. Ask him to go slow, or you could get drunk as but you probably won't remember much of it...

Can you loss your virginity by sports?

No, you cannot lose your virginity by sports. The only way to lose your virginity is through sexual intercourse. Though a female may tear her hymen through activities such as sports, she'll still be a virgin.

Can you lose your virginity from doggy style?

Of course. Having sex in different positions is still sex. But it's not a very romantic way to lose your virginity. You know, I'm not one of those people who thinks virginity is sacred and special -- quite the opposite, actually -- and I have no objection to doggy style, either. But still, I would not be happy if I had lost my virginity doggy style.

How do you lose your virginity without a boyfriend?

Some would say that with a female, if she never has sexual intercourse with a male, she hasn't lost her virginity and won't until she does so with a male. Others say, if she has sexual encounters with a female, it can still count as loss of virginity depending on what they do. All in all, one must have some sort of sexual intercourse with another in order to lose their virginity and can't lose it any other way.

Can a girl lose her virginity by kissing?

No, that is not the way virginity is lost. That is only kissing. Kissing is an action that can lead up to losing virginity, but it doesn't take it away on its own.

Is fingering can invirgine a woman?

Typically, no. Most people define virginity as vaginal intercourse, which would mean any other sexual practice, i.e. anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, etc. would not cause a woman to lose her virginity. However, some people/cultures believe that a woman has lost her virginity when she first makes sexual contact with another person. (This would mean that anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation, etc. WOULD cause a woman to lose her virginity.) Again, it depends on who you're asking. So, NO, according to most people, fingering is not a way for a woman to lose her virginity.

What are the Most painless ways to lose virginity for a girl?

their is no way you have to find the right position for you

Who did Kevin Jonas lose his virginity to?

Kevin Jonas is a virgin and has vowed to stay that way until marriage.

Can one be pregnant but still be a virgin?

Yes. The only way to lose your virginity is by having sexual intercourse so the semen can be inserted by a finger or anything else and you are still considered a virgin. Sadly they still teach kids today the hymen is a sign of virginity but it is not so only by having intercourse can you lose your virginity.

What is the worst way to lose your virginity?

Like Sidney on Scream - lost it and then her boyfriend pretended to die, and then tried to kill her.

Will scissoring with a girl make you lose your virginity?

It all depends on what you mean by losing your virginity. If you mean tearing the hymen, it is possible, but it is likely not to happen. If you mean in a moral or technical sort of way, then ANY sexual contact is automatically a loss of virginity.

Why would a guy suddenly want to lose his virginity?

He may feel pressured to do so, or he may feel extremely aroused and thinks sexual intercourse is the best way to satisfy himself.

What is an easy way to lose 5 lbs?

If you would like to lose 5lbs you are going to have to exersise alot and eat healthy foods like fruits and vengitables.

Can you lose your virginity if water goes through your vagina?

No. The only way to lose your virginity is by vaginal penetration from a penis. Water, tampons, bananas, hair brush handles, the hot neighbor next door's fingers, none of that counts as losing virginity. Cherry popping (the hymen being stretched or torn) is also a separate thing and doesn't mean loss of virginity. This can happen even in situations such as stretching or horseback riding.

Is there a way to make chutney mature faster?

take away its naivety and help it lose its virginity, hormone inducing tablets also help

How do you take a guys virginity?

The same way a guy would take a girl's. You have sex with him.