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electricity was never invented. it has always been there. it is said that Benjamin Franklin discoved electricity. if he didnt dicover it there would be no electronics although some1 else would probably discover it

AnswerElectricity was identified as synonymous with lightning by Franklin, who did several experiments with it. Further, Franklin did not "invent" it; no one did. It was a known energy force quite awhile before his experiments.

Electricity itself--the motion of electrons--is an inherent property of every material in the universe. Without it, the universe as we know it would not exist.

Also, we wouldn't have all those awesome Video Games, TV, and computer. :(:(:(

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Q: What would be different if electricity was never discovered?
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How would the society be different if electricity had never been discovered?

If electricity had never been discovered, we would be living in houses with candle lighting. Also, life would be all work, no play. Everyone around you would be covered in mud, dirt, and those little spikes that look like mini Venice fly traps in the grass.

Scientist who discovered electricity?

different facets of electricity were noted as long as two thousand years ago so naming a specific person that discovered electricity would be difficult.

What would be different in the US today if Benjamin Franklin never lived?

Nothing. We still would have had electricity. Contrary to belief, Ben Franklin did not discover electricity. He discovered some of its properties. If Ben Franklin had not lived, someone else would have discovered the properties of electricity. Of course, one of the more important events, or whichever, would be the fact that America would not be as it is, since Mr. Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of this great nation.

Who was the first to invent electricity?

No one invented electricity. However if you are asking who discovered and proved electricity, this would be Benjamin Franklin.

When was electricity first created?

, Well, electricity never was created but rather it was there earlier than we ever would be able to find, along with all the other laws of Physics. What you should be asking is: When was electricity first discovered or when was electricity first harnessed. It was discovered in 2750 BC where people got shocks from electric eels in the Nile but never understood them. It was harnessed with the first generator. Go look it up. Hope I Helped

Why is electricity the best invention ever?

Electricity was discovered not invented. Without it our lives would be more difficult though.

What if antarctica wasn't discovered?

We would have never discovered emperor penguins, and we would still be a bit confused of how global warming is affecting us today, and we would have never discovered the deep sea species that live in Antarctica, etc.

Is tungsten a good conductor of electricity?

Tungsten is a good conductor of electricity. If it was a poor conductor and highly resistive then electricity would never pass through it as a filament inside a light bulb, therefore, it would never glow.

What is one thing that never got discovered about the American Revolutionary War?

if it never got would anyone know to be able to answer that?

When was electricity discovered and how?

The discovery of electricity goes back to 600 BC. The Greeks would rub amber on fur and create an electric charge.

What if electricity had not been invented?

We would still be living as those folks who lived in the early 1800s did. And BTW, electricity was not invented, it was discovered and then utilized.

How would the world be different today if penicillin was never discovered by Howard Florey?

it wanst descovered by howard florey it was descovered by alexander fleming and lots of people would be dead! L

How different would the world be if America was never discovered?

Well, if America was never discovered, the world would be much "slower". The technology wouldn't be so good. There won't be any American Idol and stuff like that. Maybe it would take us a longer time to actually invent the lightbulb. (Thomas Alva Edison was an American scientist in case you didn't know...) Our world map would not be complete... It's so hard to imagine how it would be like if America wasn't discovered....

When was Rome discovered?

never, god, why would you ask this...

How did William Gilbert discover electricity?

he discovered that if you rubbed rods of amber against furs it would make electricity.

What if Columbus never discovered America?

then someone else would have

What year was electricity created?

Electricity has always existed. No one invented or created it. And since people have known about lightning and static electricity since time immemorial, it would be hard to say when it was first discovered.

What types of electrical energy are there?

I would say, one type. But electricity comes in different varieties. For a start, there is DC and AC. Also, the electricity can come at a higher or lower voltage.I would say, one type. But electricity comes in different varieties. For a start, there is DC and AC. Also, the electricity can come at a higher or lower voltage.I would say, one type. But electricity comes in different varieties. For a start, there is DC and AC. Also, the electricity can come at a higher or lower voltage.I would say, one type. But electricity comes in different varieties. For a start, there is DC and AC. Also, the electricity can come at a higher or lower voltage.

What is Benjamin Franklin use to discover electricity?

Benjamin Franklin did not discover electricity. He performed many experiments with electricity, but saying that he "discovered" it is like saying that Charles Lindbergh discovered the airplane. Bad analogy. An airplane is man-made. Electricity is a natural phenomenon which, like the magnetic field or atomic structure, can be discovered. For a man-made object on the other hand, the proper verb would be "invent" - Lindberg of course did not invent the airplane but someone did. No one "invented" electricity, but the phenomenon was unrecognized until someone, or a series of persons, discovered its existence.

What country first used electricity?

seeing how Benjamin Franklin discovered it I would go with united stats

How your life would be different if the invention never been invented?

explain how our life would be different if televesion had never been invented

Describe how the renaissance and reformation helped set the stage fro the discoverery of the new world?

alot of vikings discovered the new world but never noticed that they discovered it. God allowed America to remain hidden until columbus discovered it.And if America was discovered earlier the history would be kinda different. And the america was discovered in 1492 the discovery of the new world began. :0

What happens if there where no electicty?

Since electricity is an intrinsic part of the universe it would be just a matter of time before it was discovered.

What if democritus never discovered atoms?

He did not. But even so someone would have eventually.

What would the world be like in penicillin was never discovered?

the world will blow up