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Q: What would be required of you in order to join the british royal marines?
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Who is the patron saint of British Royal Marines?

There is no official patron saint of the British Marines.

Who is higher Major or Captain in the British Royal Marines?


How many men in a rifle platoon of the British Royal Marines?


What was norval Sinclair Marley captain of?

He was captain of the British Royal Marines

When was Royal Marines created?

Royal Marines was created in 1755.

Officer in British army and royal marines ranking above major?


Officer in the british army and royal marines ranking above major?

Lt Colonel

Motto of the british royal marines?

Per Mare, Per Terram (By Sea, By Land)

Who is higher in the british Royal Marines Army Major or Captain?

Major is the higher rank.

Do you have to be in the royal marines to be in the army?

The Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy and nothing to do with the Army.

The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines?

There are five bands associated with the Royal Marines.

When was Royal Marines A.F.C. created?

Royal Marines A.F.C. was created in 2008.

When did Royal Marines Division end?

Royal Marines Division ended in 1943.

When was Royal Marines Division created?

Royal Marines Division was created in 1940.

What wus the first war did the marines fight?

I believe the United States Marine Corp were formed during the the American Revolutionary War to combat the British, in particular the British Royal Marines.

When can you join the Royal Marines?

You can apply for the Royal Marines at 15 years and 9 months.

When was Royal Marines Museum created?

Royal Marines Museum was created in 1958-10.

What is Royal Marines's motto?

Royal Marines's motto is 'Per Mare, Per Terram'.

What are the roles purposes and responsibilities of royal marines?

The Royal Marines are based in the UK, and are a very similar military force as the U.S. Marines. As part of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines are an amphibious infantry who train to be ready to be deployed globally.

Who has the best marines in the world?

Royal marines outright

When was Royal Marines Band Service created?

Royal Marines Band Service was created in 1903.

Can an American join the royal marines?

you can only join the Royal marines if you have full British, Irish or Commonwealth citizenship. If you have got one of those you can join the RMC if you don't you can join the equally fine body of man that is the USMC.

When did the first White House burn down?

In August 1814 British Royal Marines burnt the White House.

What rank of air marshal equivalent to?

The Royal Air Force rank of Air Marshal is equivalent to Vice-Admiral (Royal Navy) and Lieutenant-General (British Army and Royal Marines).

How does one join the Royal Marines Commando?

The Royal Marines Commando are people who do battle using submarines on the sea. You can join the Royal Marines Commando through their website RoyalNavy dot com.