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What would be the average parts and labor cost to replace the steering column in a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?


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Check the recall on the problem with the power steering pinion shaft....maybe what u need instead recall #02v286000 (try motor or google it)


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The ignition switch, or "killswitch," for a 1996 Chevy Cavalier is located inside the steering column. Replacing or repairing it requires disassembly of the steering column.

You don't. A 1991 Cavalier did not come with airbags.

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when do you know when you have a bad steering column

how to change steering column on 86 pontiac bonneville

usually located up by the steering column. It should be a round tin/aluminim fuse. Just pull it out and replace.

to the left of the steering column, near the door hinge

When the headlight switch fails, you'll need to replace the entire combination switch. Here is the procedure to replace the headlight switch on your Chevy Cavalier: 1) Unscrew the screws on the bottom and top of the steering wheel column cover, using a screwdriver and pull the bottom and top of the steering wheel column cover forward and down to remove it. 2) Unscrew the two screws that hold the headlight switch to the steering column. Pull the headlight switch off the steering column. Unplug the electrical connector running to the headlight switch. 3) Connect the electrical connector to the new headlight switch and secure the headlight switch to the steering column using the factory mounting screws and a cross-point screwdriver. Reassemble the steering column cover.

You have to replace the entire steering column. It is not loose, the lock is broken on your column height adjuster.

pull the steering column off and I can't remember if it a pin or screwed in because it is also the turn signals. and replace the stalk.

A Caprice steering column can be replaced by another as long as it matches. It if comes from another Caprice of that year, it will fit properly.

It is located by the ignition switch on the right side of the steering column.

The steering column.The steering column.

Removing a standard steering wheel from a Chevy Cavalier requires taking off the lower steering column and horn button. The steering wheel is held on by mounting screws, after removed be sure to unplug the horn wire.

It's located under the steering column. Remove the trim panel beneath the steering column (3 screws) and gently lower trim piece (it's not necessary to remove). Look for the canister-looking silver flasher to the left of the steering column. It's easy to find. Good luck!

I'll assume you are referring to the section below the steering column. A section of the dash?? If so, it just pulls straight out. It is held on with clips.

Yes and no. Some do and some do not. Mine is a base model and it does not have tilt, but I know other models of the cavalier do have it.

sorry I am an idiot I found it under the steering column

look right above your brake pedal underneath the steering column.

There are 4 bolts at the bottom of the steering column that tend to get loose after entering and exiting your vehicle. Pulling your self up on the steering wheel puts stress the steering column and causes it to become loose. If you do not correct the problem fast by tightening the bolts you will have to replace the entire steering column.. -Henry's locksmith and steering column repair

The directional flasher for a 1992 Chevy Cavalier is under the dash. It is mounted on the drivers side, beside of the steering column.

I have a '91 Cavalier 2.2L My flasher is located behind the fuse box to the left of the steering column. The flasher is mounted against the firewall.

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