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Metro PCS is a well known cell phone provider. They offer a large range of plans to suit every callers needs. If you're looking for a plan that includes lots of talking time, Metro PCS is the cell phone provider to join with. All of Metro PCS' plans include unlimited talk which is perfect for the frequent caller. Any plan on Metro PCS would be great.

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You SWITCHED your metro phone to a new metro phone how do you get your contacts?

go to the metro place.then give them your phone in they would swit it over for you

Is there an option to not have the caller ID talk?

Yes but that�s the fun of this phone. If you want a standard caller ID display then I would get a different phone.

Can you use the new Samsung phone with metro pcs?

No. You can not use a new samsung phone with metro PCs because metro PCs does not use a Sim card so therefore u would have to use a metro PCs phone

Where do you put a sd card in a metro pcs phone?

Metro PCS is the network - not the brand of phone ! We would need to know the make & model of the phone to help you further.

How can you tell when someone is calling your phone from Skype?

If your phone has caller display - it would show the call as number withheld or anonymous.

Why would 'Out of Area' display on Caller ID?

Out of area displayed on caller identification either means the phone carrier does not recognize the phone number dialing in or the number dialing in has blocked the number from being shown.

How do you unblock private calls to cell phone?

you dont, the only way would be if the caller would not type *67 before the number.

How would you answer the telephone?

I wouldn't answer the phone unprofessionally- especially if I was addressing an important personActually, many people struggle with answering the phone because they don't know what to say.I would suggest that you answer the phone in a formal way.Here's the main dialogue:Caller: Hello?You: HelloCaller: May I please speak to ----?You: (if it is you) speaking, who is calling please?(if it isn't you) who is calling please?Caller: ---- from ----You: (if it isn't you) sorry, s/he'll be just a moment or s/he's out can you callback later or s/he's out, would you like me to take a messageCaller: ok.... or no thanks, I'll call back later

How do you figure out who keeps calling me?

buy a phone with caller ID, this way prank calling you would backfire everytime :) enjoy

Will a caller hear your cordless phone ring if your electricity is off?

They would still get a ring-tone - it's generated at the exchange. Losing power to the property would give the same impression as simply unplugging the phone.

What do virtual phone systems do?

A virtual phone system provides you with nearly the same features as a business enterprise phone, but is much cheaper. If your not available, your caller would send you a voice message to your email as an MP3 file.

How do you configure GilD E78 to show caller names while receiving calls?

Just save the contact numbers in your phone with the country code, for example in India save the numbers as +91XXXXXXXXXX, and the caller names would be visible.

Can a metro pcs phone be used with virgin mobile?

yes but it will be hard, because Metro pcs does not use sim cards but virgin mobile. You would have to go to craigslist and ask them to do it.

What is cheapest cell phone?

I would personally say..... Metro Pcs's phones are really cheap! And there alright as well.:}

Should my friend buy a wireless home phone?

Wireless home phones are good as the caller would not be restricted to the length of the phone cord. However, there is not much of a difference between both of them besides the battery consumption of the wireless phone.

How do you unlock your metro pcs phone you forgot your pattern and your email?

This simples solution would be to attempt to recover your email address password, otherwise a hard reset would be required to gain access to the phone.

Why would area code 155 appear on caller id?

There are many possible reasons. One reason is that your phone service provider decided to add a 1 before the area code on your caller ID.Another is the Caller ID was spoofed to prevent call-backs.Finally, if the only thing on Caller ID is 155 (in other words, that's the whole number), that could be the caller's extension.

What is the most popular phone system?

The most popular phone systems should include caller id, messaging/voice mail and certainly wireless. There are other features that would be very beneficial also such as speaker phone and speed dialing.

How to block a phone number from a unwelcome caller?

This will vary significantly depending on the model of your phone. Most phones have this option if you highlight the number and go into its options. The best bet would be to contact your carrier and see if they can give you instructions for your specific phone.

Where is area code 911?

There is no 911 area code in North America; 911 is used for emergency services. When a caller makes a 911 call from a disconnected cell phone or a phone with no number attached to it, the FCC requires that a carrier still complete the call. The caller ID for that call would come up with a 911 area code with a phone number after it. As far a prank calls with 911 area code, my guess is that it would be generated by a computer or a jail broken cell phone.

When you make a private call from your cell phone would your number show up on their phone bill?

Not on a landline phone-bill, but it might show on a mobile phone's bill if the caller is 'roaming' the person dialled has to pay a charge for receiving roaming calls.

Can anyone suggest a reliable sprint mobile phone plan for a frequent user of mobile phones?

A good reliable Sprint mobile phone plan for a frequent user of mobile phones will vary from person to person. It would depend on the features you want in a phone, length of contract, whether you use text messaging a lot and so on. You should talk to a phone representative to find out the best phone plan for your circumstances.

Why would one use a reverse lookup for a cell phone?

One may have missed a call, but the person calling didn't leave a message or there was no voicemail for them to use. Caller ID may also be a service one is not subscribed to. One of the benefits of having reverse phone lookup is you will determine what are the information about your anonymous caller, however, only few sites are helpful.

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