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Metro PCS is a well known cell phone provider. They offer a large range of plans to suit every callers needs. If you're looking for a plan that includes lots of talking time, Metro PCS is the cell phone provider to join with. All of Metro PCS' plans include unlimited talk which is perfect for the frequent caller. Any plan on Metro PCS would be great.

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Q: What would be the best Metro PCS Phone plan for a frequent caller?
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You SWITCHED your metro phone to a new metro phone how do you get your contacts?

go to the metro place.then give them your phone in they would swit it over for you

Is there an option to not have the caller ID talk?

Yes but that�s the fun of this phone. If you want a standard caller ID display then I would get a different phone.

Can you use the new Samsung phone with metro pcs?

No. You can not use a new samsung phone with metro PCs because metro PCs does not use a Sim card so therefore u would have to use a metro PCs phone

Where do you put a sd card in a metro pcs phone?

Metro PCS is the network - not the brand of phone ! We would need to know the make & model of the phone to help you further.

How can you tell when someone is calling your phone from Skype?

If your phone has caller display - it would show the call as number withheld or anonymous.

Why would 'Out of Area' display on Caller ID?

Out of area displayed on caller identification either means the phone carrier does not recognize the phone number dialing in or the number dialing in has blocked the number from being shown.

Why would 5555555555 show up on caller id did not pick up phone?

it is becauseit is not a number

How do you unblock private calls to cell phone?

you dont, the only way would be if the caller would not type *67 before the number.

List the items of information you would want to record at the beginning of a help-desk call?

Name and phone number of the caller

How do you figure out who keeps calling me?

buy a phone with caller ID, this way prank calling you would backfire everytime :) enjoy

Why would area code 155 appear on caller id?

There are many possible reasons. One reason is that your phone service provider decided to add a 1 before the area code on your caller ID.Another is the Caller ID was spoofed to prevent call-backs.Finally, if the only thing on Caller ID is 155 (in other words, that's the whole number), that could be the caller's extension.

Will a caller hear your cordless phone ring if your electricity is off?

They would still get a ring-tone - it's generated at the exchange. Losing power to the property would give the same impression as simply unplugging the phone.

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