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In Memphis what is the best college to attend to be pediatrician

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Q: What would be the best college to attend to become a pediatrician?
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Do you need to go to high school or college to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician one would have to graduate highschool and then attend college for four years, go to four years of medical school, be an intern for one year, complete a two year residency, and then take an exam.

What schools would you need to attend to become a pediatrician?

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What college courses are needed to become a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a doctor--an M.D. You would need premed courses, and then you would have to go to medical school.

How long would it take you in college before you become a pediatrician?

8 years

How long do you have to attend college to become an astronomer?

You would have to be in college for about 6 years to become an astronomer.

Why do you need biology to become a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a fully licensed doctor who specializes in diseases affecting children. This would mean that a pediatrician would have to be well versed in human biology and attend medical school before being able to practice.

What college would be the best to attend to become a lawyer?


How long do you have to stay in college to become an astronomer?

You would have attend about 6 years of college before you can become a Astronomer.

How many years would you need to attend college to become a cartoonist?

you don't

How long does it take you become a pediatrician in Princeton University?

To become a pediatrician you must complete Medical School. Princeton University does not have a Medical School. If you intend to be a pediatrician and want to attend Princeton, you would take a Bachelor's degree as a Pre-Med student and then apply to a Medical School, eventually specializing in Pediatrics.

How old do you have to be to become a pediatrician?

Considering that there is about 13 years of college required to become a MD Pediatrician, if one started college at age 18, then that person would be 31 before they graduated medical school. It would be impossible to have your MD license and practicing pediatric medicine at, say, age 21. The right to become a pediatrician is not based upon a minimal age, rather based upon years of education and residency completed.

Is it possible to become an obstetrician and pediatrician?

You can become both an obstetrician and a pediatrician, but you would have to complete two residency programs.

What medical school should you attend to become a pediatriciam in total of 6 years of college studying?

Upon considering your question on becoming a 'pediatriciam', I would recommend that you take as long as you can to study. Medicine is an important field and attention to detail(s) is critical in that profession; in your quest to become a pediatrician, you should not rush.

If you Were A Pediatrican What Would your College Major Be?

To become a pediatrician takes many years of college education. You would first complete a standard four year Bachelor's degree program. Then you would go on to complete four more years of medical school to become a general M.D. The final step to becoming a pediatrician is to complete a three year residency, after which you would pass an examination to be certified to be a pediatric doctor.

How many years should you attend college to become a forensic toxicologist?

Four to eight years of college would be required to be a forensic toxicologist.

In college do you have to major in Nursing to become a Pediatrician?

No, a nurse and a pediatrician are not the same thing. A pediatrician is a type of physician and has a different level of training than a nurse. To become a pediatrician, you would need a medical degree after completing medical school. If you are trained in the United Kingdom, this would be a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB or MBBS) and if you train in the United States, you can receive either a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. In addition to receiving a medical degree, you must also receive your medical license and complete pediatric residency training if you wish to be a pediatrician. There is no requirement for majoring in Nursing to become a pediatrician.

How many years do you have to go to college to be a neonatoligist?

A neonatologist is a pediatrician. You would go to medical school and follow all the residency programs to become a specialist in the field.

Should you get a medical or an osteopathic degree if you want to become a Pediatrician and an Obstetrician?

It doesn't matter if you attend an allopathic or osteopathic medical school. Both can become pediatricians and obstetricians. But if you want to become both, you would need to complete two residency programs.

What high school classes are need to become a pediatrician?

There are no particular classes in high school that are required to become a pediatrician, so you can take just about whatever you want. The main thing would be to do well enough to get into medical school. If you really wanted to take courses that would make learning what you need to learn in college easier, I would suggest math and science courses. You will have to take a bunch of these in college and they help you to think analytically.

How much money would it cost to become a pediatrician?

Alot of money

What college courses do you need to take to become a pediatrician?

Normally you would take Pre-med. If you are not yet in Pre-Med, taking biology and any health courses would be helpful. The typical pediatrician will take Pre-med, then go to medical school, then specialize in Pediatrics.

How long do you attend school to become a radiation therapist?

To become a radiation therapist you must have certain technical training and education. You would attend a college with an accredited program and then you obtain the necessary licenses to begin work.

Where is the best medical school to become a pediatrician?

Any medical school will give you a medical degree. You can attend any of them, and once you have the degree you would apply to a residency training program in your area of interest - in your case Pediatrics (3 year residency). Any U.S. medical school will get you to that point. I would work as hard as you can in college so you can apply to get into one of them after college, and would avoid the Caribbean schools if possible.

What high school credits do you need to be a pediatrician?

The classes you take in high school only aid you in being accepted to a college or university. However, some of the courses may be in the health science field, which would help you in your decision. To become a pediatrician, you will need to obtain an undergraduate degree, be accepted to a medical college and then do your internships.

How many years of college would it take to be an athletic trainer?

You will have to attend 4 years of undergrad in college. You will have to attend 4 years of undergrad in college.