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Faulty radiator cooling fan switch or circuit; Worn or damaged cooling fan motor or circuit; Broken, missing, or defective fan blade(s); Incorrect operation information being delivered and sent from the EEC (ENGINE CONTROL COMPUTER).

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Q: What would be the cause of the AC fan not coming on - car overheating - and freon smell when the car is started?
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Can engine overheating cause ac problems?

Yes, If vehicle overheats it may cause freon (refrigerant) to blow out

Will the ac compressor run with no freon on a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

no it has a safeguard to prevent overheating the compressor

Can freon cause corrosion?

Yes, freon can indeed cause corrosion. Freon leaks in vehicles can corrode surrounding parts and components in the car over time.

What year did carmakers change from r 12 freon to r 134 freon a?

Some started in 1992 but most all started in 1993...........

What if you put too much freon in your ac?

Excessive freon may cause the compressor to"slug" (Seize)

1996 intrepid 3.3L not low on freon-What sensors cause ac compressor to turn off?

low on freon

Is R134 gas dangerous?

R 134 is freon gas. In small amounts, the exposure to freon gas is not dangerous. In larger amounts, freon can cause respiratory issues.

Ac compressor not coming on in a 1992 Buick?

Either low on freon or the low pressure switch is bad. You are gonna have to put a set of gauges on it. Usually this happens when the freon leaks out of the system. If there is not enough freon in the system, the low pressure switch keeps the compressor from coming on and being burned up.

Will to much ac freon cause not to cool?


Is freon toxic?

Freon is not toxic unless enough of it is drank. It will not kill a human to inhale it, but it might cause dizziness or nausea.

How do you lose volume in freon other than a leak?

A leak is the only way to loose volume of the freon charge. Freon is in a sealed system and it does not get used up. If your system is tight the freon will last forever. However a restriction in the freon lines can cause the freon pressure on the low side to look like it is low but the freon is really stacking up in the condensor.

How you would know if your car need freon?

the air coming from the vent is warm

Why isn't your ac compressor coming on when you turn on the ac?

most likely it is out of freon

Can freon leaking from your central air unit harm you?

A Freon leak can cause you headaches and nausea but not cause severe health issues. You should have the leak repaired by a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Does a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird V6 use freon because i lost my manual to the car?

no, losing the manual would not cause the car to use freon.

Where is the port to add freon on a 96 grand am and you can not find the compressor it is the 3100 engine?

the port to add freon is under the car in front of engine coming off the compressor hard to get to but can be done

Can you overload on freon in your central air unit?

overcharging a central air unit system with refrigerant(freon) will cause the head pressure to be?

Why is hot air coming from th ac unit in your car I have added 134a freon?

Check your thermostat

What is the line called that you put freon in a car?

The line that you fill freon to in a car is known as the fill line. Going past the line can cause overflow, or even damage your vehicle.

What happens when freon is heated?

It`s pressure rises continual heating will cause it to decompose.

Can a freon leak cause side effects?

Yes it can cause you to become dizzy,light headed and sleepy from what i understand after talking to the EPA. We are having a problem with freon leaking into our home with small children present after faulty work on our central air system.

Where do you hook the low side freon on 1993 s 10 pickup?

on the biggest line coming from the a/c compressor.

Is Freon toxic or non-toxic?

Yes, Freon is toxic at certain levels. Overexposure causes central nervous system depression and possibly cardiac arrhythmia. Depending on the type of freon, it is also extremely cold and can cause severe burns if handled improperly.

What type freon for a Kia?

Your car uses refrigerant not Freon. Freon is a brand name put out by DuPont. All ac systems use refrigerant often mistakenly called Freon. All of them!!! Check for a decal under the hood or on the compressor for the information you seek. I believe that around 1996 car makers started using R-134A instead of R-12 refrigerant. Hope this helps.

What would cause the AC compressor of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma not to turn on besides a fuse?

Check the Freon pressure first. The AC compressor will not turn on if the Freon pressure is too low.