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If you are only going to have one meal a day it should be a huge fresh fruit salad. Example: cut up one medium banana, one medium apple, one medium orange, one small box of raisins. This should fill you up (not for long) but you will get alot of great nutrients and your body will thank you. I suggest for the rest of the day that you juice some carrots and spinach drink till your little hearts content. (Oh, make sure that you cut your juice with water because when you juice fresh veggies they are quite potent (same with fruit)You could also juice fresh fruits for the rest of the day. Either way your body will say thank you honey bunny!!! Answer Eating one meal a day is not good for you. It might help you lose weight, but you won't be healthy adn you'll be hungry all the time. The best thing to lose weight and stay healthy is to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. By small meals, I mean a yogurt and 1/2 banana for breakfast. A granola bar and grapes for snack. Half a sandwich and a small salad for lunch. A small bowl of soup and some carrots for another snack. And then 1/2 a hamburger and a small baked potatoe for dinner. You should also be drinking lots of water every day. The "menu" is just an example. You can eat plenty of other things. Just eat small meals often. You'll probably be hungry for the first few days, but then you'll be used to it and you'll enjoy it more that the way you eat now. Another good tip is to eat your bigger meals earlier in the day and you smaller meals later. That gives your body more time to digest the bigger meals. Answer Eating one meal a day, or even every other day, is not unhealthy. Recent research has shown not only is this way of eating not unhealthy, but is probably much better for you than eating 3 meals/day (or 5 or 6 little meals). In an article in The Lancet last month, Dr Mattson raised doubts about some of our cherished notions about mealtimes. The evidence that breakfast is good for you is, he suggests, mixed; one study found that skipping breakfast was associated with smoking, drinking and being overweight, while another found that it actually improved insulin and glucose levels. The popular notion that "grazing" is healthy is also less than clear-cut, says Dr Mattson, who points out that while some research has linked snacking to improved cholesterol levels, other studies have suggested that eating fewer meals a day is what makes the difference. "Our basic metabolism was set up when we were hunter-gatherers," he says. "The pattern would have been a mixture of feast and famine. Maybe we'd go several days without food, then splurge when a supply was found. We not only get much less exercise than our distant ancestors, but having a regular food supply as opposed to an intermittent one may prove to be almost as damaging." Answer I suppose you got this answer from the Caloric Restriction society. Which l myself am a follower. I regulary skip meals, and usually only have 2 meals per day. On most days l don't eat till midday. After reading all the CR restriction evidence on increased lifespan this has convinced me to follow this regime for the present moment until further research is done. Most members of the CR society only have 2 or 1 meal per day and are extremely healthy. Making sure that the the food is eaten is optimum nutrition is the key to a healty and long life. The way l look at it, is if you eat less often you give the body a break from digestion. It seems the obsessin with weight has taken over and that's why most say to eat often and that's it unhealthy to eat 1-2 meals per day. But they never, ever say why its unhealthy?

Answer also: In addition to the other suggestions, toss in a little healthy fat like avocado, some form of protein and you are well on your way. I have hypoglycemia so I could never have just fruit or just veggies, but I do a nice combination of all different things. Must drink lots of water and take supplements if you only plan to have one meal per day. Bon apetit!

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Q: What would be the ideal meal to consume if you are eating only one meal a day?
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