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An innate behaviour for a monkey would be calling for its mother when its hungry or running away when they see a predator. This is something they do not have to be taught but somehow already know how to do it.

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What animals have innate behavior?

All animals have innate behavior. Whatever they just do because of what they are would be innate behavior.

What is an example of an innate behavior?

Spiders spinning a web would be an example of an innate behavior for spiders.

What is one innate behavior of a raccoon?

The springtime birth of kits would be an innate behavior, as is copulation and swimming.

What is a turtle's innate behavior?

a turtle innate behavior is something that it leard wean it was born so it would be like how to hunt for food .

What is the definition of innate behavior of innate behavior?

innate behavior means something that you were born with example: no one showed you how to move your hands, you just did it.

What innate behavior does a white tiger have?

a tigers innate behavior is its ability to walk

Do lions have innate behavior?

Yes they do; all living things have innate behavior.

Is a cat walking a innate or learned behavior?

It is completely a innate behavior, that's like asking if we walking is innate or learned

Do cows and horses have innate and learened behavior?

Yes, cows and horses have innate and learned behavior.

What is opposite to innate behavior?

learned behavior

What is a type of innate behavior?

Most human behavior is learned rather than innate, however, you might say that eating when you are hungry is a type of innate behavior. Even newborn babies will do that.

Examples of innate behavior?

a typical example of an innate behavior is the spa-wing instinct in salmons and another is the altruistic behavior in social animals

A behavior such as a migration that an animal does not have to learn is an?

Innate behavior

How is learned behavior different from the innate behavior?

Innate behavior is known from birth, for example breathing or blinking for humans. We do not need to be taught this behavior. However, learned behaviors are taught and would not otherwise be built upon/perfected alone, like formulating sentences.

Why is innate behaviour useful?

Innate behavior is your natural behavior that was developed by yourself through years of life. Accordingly, innate behavior is useful to yourself and your health as you don't need to falsify a new artificial behavior which could be a burden on your health and/or your psychology.

Courtship belongs to what class of behaviors?

Courtship is an innate. Innate behavior is behavior determined by the "hard-wiring" of the nervous system.

Is migrating an inherited or learned behavior?

Migration is an innate behavior.

Is migration an adaptive behavior?

No, it is innate.

Example of innate behavior?


Is playing an innate or learned behavior?

Innate from the looks of it many creatures play kittens pups to mention but a couple. there is no reason to think that it would be different for humans.

Innate behavior is the most frequently seen behavior seen in?


What type of behavior does placental mammals have?

they have both innate and learned behavior.

What is a behavior that is not learned?

Instinct. It's also called 'Innate Behavior'

Is grasshoppers chirping an innate behavior?


Is swimming an innate behavior of hippos?