What would be the perfect black guy in white girls eyes?

It all depends on the girl.

Some white girls date black guys because they want to shock people, especially a parent or parents that are bigoted. Others date black guys because they have liberal guilt and want to compensate them fir all the crap that society heaps on them. Some like the idea of a cafe au lait mulatto child certainly tends to be particularly cute. Some have bought the myth that black men are better lovers. Some are drawn to a particular man because of his accomplishments. That seems a little more healthy than the prior reasons, but in the long run, marriage is bucking long odds, half of them ending in divorce - and what's worse, the other half ending in death.

I'm as light-skinned as anyone, but legally I am black; one of my great-grandfathers was a slave from the Lo tribe. Everybody else in the family prefers to "pass" so it would be highly rude to "out" them. My mother didn't tell me until I was in college. It didn't make much difference to me, but I thought it important to tell my wife when I proposed marriage. She seemed to think I was fibbing, which was fine with me.I think people should be judged for their accomplishments and their character.

So tell me, why do you want to be a perfect black guy in some white girl's eyes? I would recommend that you develop a reputation as an industrious, frugal, honest and kind man, and should pursue the opposite sex looking for the same traits. They are no more loving than anyone else, but if you're looking for a ham sandwich, you're going to be less successful in a jewish deli than in other eateries.

It's tough, trying to find "Ms. Right" who thinks you are "Mr. Right". Good luck - and don't settle. You only go around once in life....