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More of the dark blue color of course will make the pool appear deeper. It is a matter of preference. Personally, I would have more royal blue tiles at the deepest part of the pool - with the lighter tiles at the top. I don't know if there is a pattern on the tiles - which would make a huge difference. Are you sure you want to go with only two tile choices - I think it may look very harsh? The Windsor-Browns Tiles for your pool Some professional pool builders have full color 3D Design software which will show you a pool with any tile color and size you can think of and limitless pool shapes and sizes. The software will also drop in many deck colors and choices for a complete look. There is also a good tile site for homeowners to see, from one of the leading pro pool tile mfgrs, national pool tile I think its for their web site. good swimming

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Q: What would be the suitable tile patterns for the base in a pool with a combination of sky blue and royal blue tiles?
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