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Q: What would be the value of an original poster offering a family of slaves for sale?
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How much would a poster from 1820 advertising slaves be worth?


What were the British offering the slaves in return for their help?


What was important personally to slaves?

Family. When slaves where sold families were broken, slaves wanted to be reunited with their family

Was Rosa parks family slaves?

Rosa parks family was not slaves they were free

Was Harriet Tubman family slaves?

Her and her whole family grew up as slaves.

Slaves were held in all thirteen of the original colonies?

Slaves were held in all thirteen of the original colonies. Or True.

Was family important to the slaves?

Family was very important to slaves. Because their family were the only people they could count on.

What two West African countries were founded for freed slaves?

The Republic of Liberia is the only country in West Africa that was founded for freed slaves. Sierra Leone began offering shelter to former slaves in 1792, but the country was not founded for freed slaves.

Did Stonewall Jackson own slaves?

Yes, the Jackson family owned 6 slaves in the late 1850s.

What did slaves family look like?

they looked like .............? slaves

What were the two greatest threats to family bonds among slaves?

The separation of slaves from their family members probably threatened their family bonds the most. Secondly, the slaves being force to mix with the Whites did not help. The fact that they didn't have any human rights was what further crippled their family bonds.

What two African nations were founded as refugees for former slaves?

The Republic of Liberia is the only country founded for freed slaves. Sierra Leone began offering former slaves shelter in 1792, but the country was not founded for freed slaves.

Settled in large plantations managed by a single family with the help of slaves?

Settled in large plantations managed by a single family with the help of slaves

What did the roman slaves eat for breakfast?

The slaves ate whatever was left over from the master's breakfast, or if the family had guests the night before, the leftover foods from the dinner would serve both the family and their slaves.

Did slaves get to see there family?

no they did not

Slaves were held in which of the original colonies?

Southern Colonies

In the 13 original english colonies indentured servants were placed by african slaves for all the following reasons except?

In the 13 original English colonies, indentured servants were replaced by African slaves because unlike slaves, servants were guaranteed to be eventually released from bondage, and therefore slaves would provide renewable sources of labor.

What did the slaves do for fun?

The slaves danced, sung, worshiped God, and played with their family and friends.

Why did the Europeans start importing African slaves?

Because the Africans were offering them for sale and there was a market for them in America (they were not imported into Europe).

What is unusual about the family Lincoln married into?

his wife family owned slaves

When did slaves start to fight?

There is no-documented history of fighting between slaves. Slaves often stuck together as family or trying to escape.

Who looked after owners house and family on southern plantations?

House slaves looked after the owners house and family on Southern plantations. House slaves were selected from the most well-behaved of the field slaves. House slaves cooked the meals, cleaned the house, did the laundry, and looked after the children.

Why was religion and family so important to slaves?

Religion and family were extremely important to slaves. Since they were deprived of virtually all human rights, the only things they really had of value were their beliefs and their family members.

Did the people have slaves the plymonth colony?

No. They didn’t have slaves. The original colony was only 60 people from the same English town.

What did slaves do when slavery ended?

probably got really confused those who were treated the worst were probably over joyed most were probably confused, where do you go, what do you do a lot remained on the plantations and continued living as they did & treated as they were which contributes to a lot of "slave land" being inherited by slaves and to this date is owned by generations of the original slaves that worked it. if they still had family in Africa, maybe they returned, but I doubt it when the slaves were enslaved, they were kidnapped or their entire tribe was enslaved by a rival tribe so their family was probably un-reachable. So maybe family members across America atleast had the right to see each other, but then again everything costs $, and i cant imagine slaves had any