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You might want to check your fuel line filter, vacuum hoses, EGR valve, ECT, air filter, spark plugs and wires. These are the most common parts that would cause that type of problem. If the "check engine" light is on, take to the nearest autozone and they can they tell you exactly what is wrong..

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Q: What would be wrong if the car sputters when you're driving and press the gas pedal to accelerate?
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How do you accelerate a car?

You just press gas pedal :))

Why does my F250 not accelerate when I press the pedal down?

converter is probably clogged

Where does the trucker phrase Hammerdown come from?

The shape of the accelerator pedal is likened to a hammer, so to accelerate is to press the hammer down.

What key do you press to accelerate in GE Flight simulator?

f4 accelerate

When driving a car if you press the brake pedal what should happen?

the car should slow down and eventually stop if you keep on holding it

Why Car stalls when gas pedal is release?

If you're driving a manual, it's probably stalling because if you don't press the clutch right after you release the gas pedal while changing gears, and then press on the gas again, the car may stall. If you're driving an auto, the explanation is a little more difficult to describe.

When i press on the gas pedal of my 1992 grand prix le it will not accelerate what could cause this?

If the gas pedal is conpletely limp, the linkage to the throttle body is disconnected somewhere. I need more details; send to and I'll try to help.

1995 ford E 350 7.3 won't accelerate when I press on the accelerator?

1995 ford 7.3 won't accelerate when i press the accelerator

Why When I press the gas pedal on my 95 Honda Prelude The Car Turns Off Earlier The Same Day I Was Driving It and It Was Pulling Back As If I Wasn't Pressing The Gas Pedal?

clogged or bad catalitic converter

Do you only press the brake pedal for stopping?

No, on most newer cars you also have to press the brake pedal to shift out of Park.

Why is there resistance on your gas pedal when you press it?

Occasionally the gas pedal will have some resistance when you press it. You could check and lube gas pedal, gas cable, and throttle itself.

A manual car has gas pedal break pedal and?

The pedal on the left is the clutch. You press it when you are changing gears.

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