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could be the computer causing the pump not to run

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โˆ™ 2008-10-27 17:26:50
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Q: What would cause 91 Geo Tracker to quit running after fueling It is sparking and changed fuel filter Fuel pump is also working?
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Did the 94 GEO Tracker have daytime running lights?

No, It Didn't

How do you know if the thermostat needs replaced in tracker?

Is you Geo Tracker overheating or the temperature is running almost hot then you need to change you thermostat

Why is fueling a car while it is running not recommended?

Gasoline fumes are flammable. A running car generates heat and electricity and is more likely to be an ignition source.

Hi i have 1996 cavalier z24 and i just changed the spark plugs on it and now whenever i start the car and its running you can hear something sparking can any of you tell me what this is?

Sounds like a plug wire is not completely connected to a plug(s). This will cause an arc that will create this sound.

What fuse in a 1996 Geo Tracker is connected to the headlights?

The one with the wires running to the headlights :)

How do you know if the fuel pump from a Chevy Tracker 2000 is not working properly?

It want stay running

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2000 Chevy Tracker lights don't turn off?

It has continual running lights, they don't shut off.

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Why did tarcker quit running while sitting at light. It will not restart. It cranks but doesn't start?

Assuming this is a Chevrolet Tracker, probably missing fuel or spark.

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1996 Geo Tracker biggest tire you can put with no probem?

You can put 225/75/15 on it with no problem. I have a 96 Tracker and currently running 225's on it. All though i am in the process of putting a 3" suspension lift and 31's on it.

Why won't headlights turn off in Chevy Tracker?

They are set from the factory to come on as Daytime running lights.There is a way to change those setting. Go to the Edmund's tracker forum and search for Drl disconnect.The Suzuki Vitara is the same vehicle and there might be info at the forums for them also.

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What would cause gasoline to drip out of the tailpipe when a 16 valve 4 cylinder Geo Tracker's engine is running?

If it's running, then it couldn't be raw gas. You are seeing water dripping from the accumulation of the water vapor. Absolutely normal.

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What would cause my 1990 Geo Tracker to quit running after being driven a few miles?

I would start by checking the fuel filter and fuel pump

When 1990 Honda is running cooling fan does not come on but comes on when shut off thermostat and temperature switch changed?

When 1990 Honda is running cooling fan does not come on but comes on when engine is off and I thermostat and temperature switch changed?"

Why is your check engine light on but the car is running well 1998 Chevy Tracker?

I had a check engin light on for years on my 99 tracker the mechanics couldn't find the problem, I bought a new gas cap (3 dollars ) it turned off and hasn't turned on since, its been four years.