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A Pokémon does not obey you if it is a) traded from another game or b) carelessly hacked and you don't have the Gym Badge that makes Pokémon of its level obey. This goes for Mew as well.

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Q: What would cause Mew not to obey in Pokemon?
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What badge is it to make mew obey in Pokemon?

In Firered and Leafgreen, the mew will never obey. This is because mew wasn't actually placed into either game.

How do you get Mew to obey you in Pokemon?

If you caught Mew by using a cheat to make it appear as a wild pokemon, it won't obey you. If you have Pokemon Emerald, you can use the 'Old Sea Chart' to get Mew properly. Another way would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat by using a Gameshark or Action Replay.

How do you make mew obey you Pokemon leaf green?

If you cheated to get Mew you must make sure not to cheat to get the Badges otherwise it will not obey you.

How do you get Mew to obey you in FireRed?

After getting the eighth gym badge, all pokémon will obey you, with the exception of Mew. The only way to make Mew obey you fully would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat on Gameshark/Action Replay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a Gameshark and the Box 1 Slot 1 cheat copies the pokemon in question but will NOT make Mew obey. If you have a Gameshark find a version of emerald and warp to Faraway island. Catch Mew, trade mew, copy mew. Now you have many mews and they obey.

Is there mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yup. ;D (Only at live events or hacked by a gameshark or action reply. mew will not obey if hacked)

Is there a mew Pokemon card?

yes. there are many different mew Pokemon cards. but the rarest one would be the mew star. it's a blue mew.

Is ancient mew the best Pokemon?

kind of because without mew there would never be Pokemon

Say you enter a code on a gameshark to start out with mew in Pokemon red blue and it wont work why?

well Nintendo put anti hacks into mew and deoxys.. they will not obey unless caught legimately. it wont work cause the code may be wrong. also it wont obey no matter what.

Which Pokemon is stronger mew or Mewtwo?

it's a pretty close fight for both of them, but i would say that mew is stronger, cause in the first Pokemon movie mew practically matched mewtwo's power, and clearly he wasn't even trying. and like in the pokedex in Pokemon fire red it sais, "most Pokemon when battling mew will give up, or run away before mew even has to attack." so in my opinion after all my resarch, i would say mew is stronger.aros102,I agree with you and mew is my favorite Pokemon but if mewtwo was made from mew then the answer should be basic

Pokemon Emerald code getting mew to obay?

Just get all the badges. It will obey you then.

What is the correct way to find Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get Mew legit in Pokemon FireRed, for the event for Mew has ended. You would need to use a GameShark or trade for it from Pokemon Emerald.

How do you make Deoxys obey you in Emerald?

I think if you have all badges, and beat the elite four he should obey you. I'm sorry, but you'll have to be an excellent Pokemon hacker if you want Deoxys and Mew to obey you.

When you used the action replay to get mew why does it not obey you?

try giving it a soothe bell or get more badges, because if u get certain badges the Pokemon up to a certain level will obey u

How do you get a Mew in FireRed using Gameshark?

It's not recommened, the best way is to trade from emerald after you get mew from the faraway island. that's because if you cause mew to appear in the wild using cheats, it will never obey you.

What Pokemon can learn all the HMS in Pokemon LeafGreen?

That would be Mew.

Who created who. Mew or Arceus?

Technically mew isn't a creator so it would have to be Arceus. If you watched the movie Pokemon 2000 you would know mew was a Pokemon that the scientists wanted to get ahold of because there was only one left. They took the DNA of mew and made mew two. So technically mew two isn't even a Pokemon. It's a science experiment gone wrong.

Who would win mew vs Mewtwo?

mew would win because he's the guardian of pokemon universe

Where do you get mew from in Pokemon Diamond?

Unless there is a mystery gift using wi-fi or from a store (would be posted on the Pokemon site) you cannot get mew in Pokemon Diamond

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

mew and mew two

How do you get a mew in Pokemon silver?

You Cannot get Mew in Pokemon silver.

Who is mew two?

Mew two is a Pokemon from the series "Pokemon."

Pokemon perl how to get mew?

Mew can be migrated from Pokemon Emerald if that game was participated in the Japanese Mew event to get the Old Sea Map or have 999 Pokemon in Pokemon Ranch and Hailey will give you Mew.

What is the 151st Pokemon on the Sinnoh pokedex?

That would be Mew.

In Pokemon ruby how do you get mew?

yes i had ruby and i had mewtwo and i vsed and cought mew i dont no where cause i havnt played for 2 years

What was a Mew?

Mew is a legendary pokemon,phsycic type pokemon,that evolves into Mewto. ^Mew doesnt evolve

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