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That is what is referred to as mooseing. There is a fix for it.

What is the fix?

On my car, it was the 'idle air control motor' mounted between the air cleaner and the fuel injection system. The new part was around $165, total bill with diagnostics was just over $300.

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Why dos mercury react to weather?

Mercury doesn't react to weather.

What are the weather condisions like on Mercury?

Mercury has almost no atmosphere and as a consequence does not have weather.

Does Mercury the planet have weather patterns?

The planet Mercury does not have weather patterns just wild temperatures.

Are there weather systems on Mercury?

No, because Mercury has no atmosphere.

What is the weather on Mercury at night?

there is no atmosphere so there is no weather

Are there storms in Mercury?

No. Mercury has virtually no atmosphere and thus no weather.

What is mercuy's weather like?

* The Weather on Mercury is Moist and Foggy

What is weather like on Mercury?

Extremely hot as Mercury is the closest to the Sun

What planet has no atmosphere or weather?


Have there been any problems with the weather on Mercury the planet?

Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of, and therefore it has no weather.

What is the mercury column in a mercury barometer rises or falls with changes?

Pressure tendancies measure short term weather. The mercury in a barometer will rise with atmospheric pressure denoting fairer weather and a fall in barometric pressure warns of inclement weather.

What is the weather on the planet Mercury?

No weather. No atmosphere either.. No chance of storms or clouds

What is the weather like in mercury?

very hot!

Is there weather on Mercury?

No because it is to small to have a atmosphere

Weather conditions of Mercury the planet?

Mercury doesn't have weather because it doesn't have very much of an atmosphere. It does have days, nights and temperature changes though.

What is the wheather on the planet Mercury?

The weather of Mercury is burning hot!! Its very very hot!

What do Mercury and Saturn have in common?

very cold weather

Does the earth have the worst weather in the solar system?

no, mercury does

What is the weather like on mercury at night?

very hot

What weight oil do you used in a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

1w30 in warm weather, 5w30 in cold weather

Mercury barometer means you will have what kind of day?

A mercury barometer is an instrument which can be used to forecast the weather. The fact that there is a barometer does not affect the weather. You need to see what the barometer shows and interpret it.

Would meteorology be useful science to apply to the study of planets such as Mars and Mercury?

Meteorology would be useful on Mars but not on Mercury. Mercury does not have a substantial atmosphere and therefore has no weather to speak of. Mars has enough of an atmosphere to produce weather such as dust storms.

What kind of wheater is on Mercury?

Mercury doesn't have any kind of weather except the fact that Mercury is to hot facing the Sun and to cold on the dark side

What is the weather of planet mercury?

Hot and even more hot

Does planet mercury have any tornadoes or anything like that?

No, Mercury barely has an atmosphere and so it does not have any weather to speak of.