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Try a little exercise first. Try brisk walk or run outside for at least a half hour per day. Do that for at least a month, if that doesn't help, ask your doctor. Before letting your child do any exercise please see your doctor. Your child could have anything from a thryoid problem to a possible genetic heart disorder. Not trying to panic you, but it's best to have the doctor find out the problem first. Time can be of the essence.

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Q: What would cause a 12-year-old to feel cold all the time?
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What would cause both arms to feel cold and also a pain in left arm?

Poor circulation would cause your arms to feel cold. The pain in your left arm could be from your back being out of alignment. You could try visiting a chiropractor or osteopath and getting an adjustment.

Why do you feel cold when you step on cemented floor?

There really is no such thing as cold but you feel that cause heat goes to wear it isn't so it leaves your body which makes you feel cold I hope this helped cause its by a 7th grader but it's the truth I learned this at school

Does diabetes cause you to feel cold all the time?

Why does a diabetic stay cold all the time

When you feel cold you rub your skin to make you feel warm what cause the feeling of warmth when you do this?


Why do you shiver and why do your teeth chatter when it is very cold in winter?

cause u feel cold what do u think

Why do your feet feel so cold?

cause your not moveing them around maybe?

What would cause your right arm and hand to feel cold when your left arm and hand is warm?

I had the same problem and visiting and ostheopath solved it.

What would cause your right arm to feel stone cold to the touch and to have shooting pains up and down it?

your arm went to sleep or it is numb

What would cause your right arm and hand to feel cold when your left arm and hand are warm?

Its maybe because of an antibiotic you take, or of fever.

If a person eats unhealthy food can they get a cold what cause a person get a cold?

Eating unhealthy food cannot make you or anyone feel cold

What cause the back and chest to fell cold?

Being in very cold weather can make someone's chest and back feel cold. Also, if someone is sweating because of a fever, they may feel cold rather than hot.

Why is it always cold?

While you may feel that it is always cold, it is not always cold, indeed there are some places on earth that, it you lived there, you would feel were always hot.

Can the cold weather cause your ear to ache?

Well no the cold weather will not let your ear ache.but it may turn red and feel cold but it definitely will not ache.

Why do you get goosebumps when you sneeze?

because we get goose bumps is cause it like when your cold you feel the cold well it like you get scared

Why do you feel colder after meals?

You may feel cold after cold meals such as a smoothie or salad. The cold substances go into your warm stomach and make you feel cold. For example, if a really rainy day happened, and then the sun came out, you would see steam rising off of the ground. The water is evaporating. So that's what makes you feel cold.

What would cause both of muscles in your arms to feel cold and being very sensitive to touch like your sheets at night?

You might of pinched a nerve.

Why do you feel cold after coming out of the shower?

If you use tapwater, you may feel cold but if you use a heater, you wont feel cold.

What does the skin feel like when in shock?

Untreated shock would make the skin feel cold and clammy.

What helps you feel if water from the tap is hot or cold?

The sense of temperature in your fingers would help you feel that.

Can washing your hands in cold water give you arthritis?

No if you have a problem with arthritishowever cold water can cause it to feel worse.

What happens if your hands are really cold and you put it in hot water?

the hot water will feel much hotter than it actually is. This is because the nerves that sense temperature feel cold or warm. Hot causes both types to fire. When your hands are cold, and you put them into hot water it can cause those nerves to fire more then they normally would. Also, if your hands are cold enough, the blood will be thickened, and the vessels will be constricted. Suddenly plunging your hands into hot water will cause the vessels to expand, sending the thickened, cold blood rushing up towards your heart which can cause a heart attack.

Why we feel cold after meal?

It is not normal to feel cold after eating. If you feel cold or chilly after consuming food, you may be suffering from low blood count, low blood pressure or iron deficiency. It would be a good idea to see a doctor for a check up.

Why would the inside of my mouth feel cold?

maybe you ate a popsicle

Does the blood type b make you feel colder than others?

No, blood type should not make you prone to feel cold. But Anemia can cause this.

What cause you to feel like you cannot breathe from your nose?

Maybe a cold. Because sometimes even if I am warm I still get a cold and my nose gets stuffed up.