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Could Be Out Of Time, Broken Timing Chain, Bad Coil, Bad Rotor,Cap, Plug Wires. Bad Pick Up Coil. Have A Good Mechanic Check It Out. GOOD LUCK Could Be Out Of Time, Broken Timing Chain, Bad Coil, Bad Rotor,Cap, Plug Wires. Bad Pick Up Coil. Have A Good Mechanic Check It Out. GOOD LUCK Could Be Out Of Time, Broken Timing Chain, Bad Coil, Bad Rotor,Cap, Plug Wires. Bad Pick Up Coil. Have A Good Mechanic Check It Out. GOOD LUCK

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How do you turn on your iPod when it's not charged?

An iPod with a dead battery will refuse to turn on, and it will say to plug in first. In order to turn on a uncharged iPod, you will need to plug it in for a few minutes first.

Can you refuse to be a government witness after being subpoenaed?

You can, but you can also be held in contempt of court or charged criminally.

If you are a witness to a shooting and the shooter is your family what happens if you refuse to talk to police?

You could be charged and prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice.

Can an employer refuse to hire someone who was charged with a felony but the charges were dismissed?

Employers can refuse to hire anyone for any cause. Just because you are qualified does not mean that they must hire you and nobody else.

Can a child refuse to go on visitation?

No. Only if the visitation order is changed in the same court it was issued.

What happens if you get pulled over and refuse a breathalyzer test?

Arrest, and charged with failing to provide a specimen. A blood test will be taken.

Would an insurance company instantly refuse a claim if you were not at fault in an accident but were however charged with a high range pca by the police?


What is the present tense of refuse?

Refuse is present tense.I refuseWe refuseYou refuseHe/she refusesThey refuse

Will Alaska extradite you back to Alabama if im being charged with Poss of Meth?

If Alabama wants you, it is unlikely that Alaska will refuse to send you back.

Can you be arrested for refusing to leave when being evicted?

Yes, since the bank, lender or landlord now officially has possession, you can be charged with trespassing if you refuse to leave when ordered by a sheriff's deputy. If you try to fight the deputy, you can face even more serious charges, such as battery on a law enforcement officer. It's even a felony in most places. If you attempt to reenter the house after the eviction has been completed, you can be charged with burglary or breaking and entering.

Can a will be changed without the executor's knowledge?

Generally speaking, a testator can change his will at any time without anyone's knowledge. Only if the testator can be proven to have changed his will while no longer "of sound mind" or under undue pressure, a Court may decide to invalidate the changed will.An executor is a person charged with just that - executing the provisions of the final and valid will as he finds it,no matter if he knew or approved of any last changes or not. Should the change be such that the appointed executor feels that he cannot be the person for the job he can refuse the appointment and another executor will be appointed.

The Patriot Act changed the constitution to allow a police officer to search your car even if you refuse?

no, they need your permission unless they have probable cause

How did they prove that one was not guilty during the Salem witch trials?

They didn't if you were charged you were guilty. The Trial was a farce and the only way to not be declared guilty was to refuse to go to trial.

What would happen if you refuse to give evidence against your partner in court?

Only spouses, legally married to one another, are protected against testifying against their spouse in court. All others are not legally protected and can be charged with either "contempt" or "obstruction of justice" if they refuse to testify.

What is a sentence with the word refuse in it?

I refuse to love you. Refuse the bad idea!

What is the homograph for refuse?


What is a sentence with the word refuse?

I have the right to refuse to serve you.I refuse to follow your advise.The refuse was thrown into the landfill.

What does contempt of court mean?

In very basic, it means being rude or not doing as instructed in court. If a court officer tells you to be seated, and you refuse to be seated, you can be charged with contempt of court.

Arthur Miller was charged with 'Contempt of Congress' What did he refuse to do?

He refused to disclose the names of fellow writers that were allegedly involved with the Communist party or that held Communist sympathies.

What can a company do if an ex employee refuses to return company property?

If it is company property then the ex-employee has no choice but to return it! If they refuse then the company can report it to police as a theft and you can be charged criminally.

Is the word refuse a noun or a verb?

Refuse can be a noun OR a verb. Refuse is a verb when you use it as an action. This kind of refuse is defined as "to indicate or show that one is not willing to do something." Example: I refuse to go to that movie. Refuse is a noun when you refer to a pile of trash (synonym for refuse).

What happens if you refuse to sign a DUI charge in California?

Not much really. You will still be prosecuted. Your signature only serves to acknowledge that you were served with the charge in person. Of course, it shouldn't surprise you that many(most?) people charged with DUI aren't in a cooperative frame of mind when they are charged with this offense.

Can you refuse a drug test?

If you are on probation or parole or have a job that requires you to do so , no you can not refuse. any situation other than that refuse you can refuse.

Give you a sentence using the word 'refuse'?

"The supervisor wondered if the sanitation engineer would refuse to pick up the refuse."

Can you make a sentence with the wordΒ refuse?

You should not refuse to do something that your parents tell you to do