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without knowing the exact details of your loss of compression I can offer this : if the engine was flooded the excess fuel will wash the rings of oil and you will have no ring seal. to check this , remove the spark plugs and squirt about a spoon full of oil into the cylinder. let it sit a couple minutes now recheck your compression. if you have some now, reinstall the spark plus and try starting the engine.

It could be a blown head gasket!

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Q: What would cause a 1984 Tempo 4 cylinder gas to lose all compression on all cylinders?
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Is the head bad if there is no compression or is it the oil pump that operates the lifters on a 1988 323?

No compression on all cylinders would indicate a broken cam belt. i think this motor has hydralic lifter, but for them to cause no compression it would be unlikly. when you say no do you mean none at all or low compression? a broken cam belt could be the cause if all cylinders have no compression. if the cylinders are down it could be bad valve seats (the point of contact between the valve and the head). if it is one or two cylinders it could be cracked head or cracked/broken head gasket. the only other possablilities are broken rings or broken piston. you need to know compression reading of all cylinders in a dry and wet situation. to do this 1:take the compesssion of a cylinder 2:then remove compression guage and squirt two good squirts of engine oil in the cylinder through the plug hole. 3:retake comperssion reading of cylinder. if the compression reading increases you have bad rings, if it doesnt the rings are fine. hope that helped and not confused you Geoff

What can cause an Chevy colbat to lose compression?

On one or all cylinders? a single cylinder compression loss may be a stuck or bent valve, or even bad piston rings. Engine wide would have to be some kind of massive valve train failure.

What will cause 4 cylinders in the same row of a v8 engine to lose compression?

Blown head gasket is one cause.

What could cause a 1989 For Tempo not to start?

It needs fuel, compression and spark, you are missing one of those.

What can cause a 4 cylinder car to run on two cylinders?

A coil that is not functioning.

What can cause cylinder compression in new engine?

The movement of the piston from BDC to TDC.

What can cause low compression on one cylinder only?

Most of the times when you have low compression on one cylinder it's an indication that the head gasket is blown. If more than one cylinder has low compression and is hard to start the you most deffinatly have a blown head gasket

What should you do when a compression test reveals that compression is below average and the reason for a motor not working?

Low compression will not cause an engine to not run. It may not run efficiently but it will run. Low compression on all cylinders is caused by wear, and can only be fixed by overhauling the engine. Low compression on just one cylinder can be a blown head gasket, burnt valve, or a broken ring on that cylinder. I also depends on what you mean by "below average". An engine with lots of miles may very well have a compression reading that is below the factory specifications and not be cause for alarm. It depends on how much below specs that compression is. In any case, the only fix is to open the engine up.

What will cause cylinder compression to be high?

High compression is usually caused by either excessive carbon build up, excessive fuel being injected or oil or coolant getting into the cylinder.

Why 1996 Chevy 4.3 V6 Pu has no compression?

No compression on all cylinders, assuming pistons are moving and valves are intact - would imply bad valve timing, most likely timing chain... Several other issues can cause low compression in misc cylinders but no compression across the board without a catastrophic event such as major overheat or fuel washing cylinders, blown crank, etc - but "no compression" again, first check would be timing chain.

How do you repair a cylinder with no compression?

Start with removing the cylinder head to determine the cause of no compression. If it is a valve problem, have the head rebuilt. If it is a piston or piston ring problem, remove the engine for rebuilding or replacement.

What can cause a 1991 Camaro to let out white smoke and how can it be fixed?

Blue smoke means it's burning oil. Black smoke means it's burning rich (fuel). White smoke is usually caused by water which may indicate a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. Check the compression on your cylinders. If compression is low, you will have to remove the cylinder head to replace either the blown gasket or the cylinder head.

How can i repair a 1996 350 number 4 cylinder misfiring compression in cylinder is 118lbs the rest are about 160lbs?

sounds like your engine needs a valve job worn piston rings would also cause low compression ,but not cause the backfireing

What could cause low compression in all cylinders of a 1986 Isuzu Trooper with an inline 4?

AGE ! if it is low compression and not no compression then your piston rings and valves are worn too much and the engine probably needs to be rebuilt.

What are the symptoms of a bad cylinder in a car?

A "Bad cylinder" or "dead cylinder" is a cylinder with Low compression psi. Symptoms: rough running low power can cause high oil consumption

Can low compression cause an check engine light to come on?

If it is causing the cylinder to misfire, yes.

What will cause no cylinder compression?

A cracked or broken piston will cause a loss of compression, as will cracked or broken rings. The failure of a head gasket will also cause a loss of compression, as will broken, cracked or badly worn valves or valve seats. A crack in the cylinder itself (either the sleeve or the engine block), or a crack in the head itself will cause a loss of compression. A problem with the plug threads or the threads in the head (for engines that have plugs) can cause loss of compression, and injectors (for engines that have them) can leak around the threads, either because the injector threads or the threads in the head have been damaged.

What would cause too much pressure building up in the cooling system?

The usual cause of cooling system pressure surges is a bad head gasket. The compression from the cylinders gets into the cooling system and raises the pressure. Have a mechanic run a compression test to see if there are any big pressure changes between the cylinders.

Newer engine but low compression on two cylinders on 90 Legacy could it possibly be the Ignition coil pack?

no coil packs only control spark. more likely cause is head gasket blowed between the two cylinder. your welcome!

If a timing chain goes out on a 1986 Toyota does that cause the cylinders to freeze up?

No your cylinders should not freeze up, you may have bent the valves in the cylinder head tho

Why are Cylinders 2 and 3 not working but the spark is okay on 1989 Toyota Corolla coil and distributor with carburetor?

This sounds like your head gasket has blownbetween cylinders 2 & 3.this will cause a compression loss on the affected need to have a compression test carried out on your engine.AnotherIf you're CERTAIN that the spark is good and it's timed properly, next I'd check the compression in those two cylinders. It's suspicious to me that the two non-functional cylinders are adjacent. If the engine has overheated any time in the last year you have probably warped the head. A simple compression test will tell the story.

How do you fix compression on your Lexus?

If you have low compression on one or more cylinders then you will need to pen the engine up to find the cause. It can be either a blown head gasket, burnt valve, or worn piston rings.

Why would piston rings cause low compression?

the rings kind of seal in the sides of the piston with the cylinder wall. When a compression test is done the air is escaping between the piston and the cylinder where the good ring would normally seal. If you are getting low compression it is more likely the valves

Why am I losing compression in cylinder 283 Chevy?

Bad are burnt intake or exhaust valve. Pistion rings broken, Burned pistion. Blown head gasket. That is all that would cause no compression are a loss of compression.

What would cause a cylinder in a 98 lumina 31 have no compression it sucks insted of blows?

Maybe a bad valve