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most likely it is not timed correctly. loosen the distributer and start your engine and turn your distributer until it idles right, or do it with a timing light/or you might just have a fouled plug

ADDED 25-Apr-06 by Guycaron: I had the same problem on an '86 LSC. Tried all of the above and more. It behaved like the problem was ignition or timing related, but believe it or not, the final solution (and ultimate cure) was a new fuel pump. Ran like a raped ape thereafter.

yes timing is most likely whats wrong. But also look at whats wrong the engine is missing...try plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, coil pack, egr valve, fuel filter, fuses, vacume hoses, maybe try a small amount of injector cleaner, check fual pressure.

Engines need 3 basic things...Fuel, Air ang Spark. The quickest fix is to have a shop look at it for like $60-$85 and they wiil tell you why its missing.

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Q: What would cause a 1988 Lincoln mark 7 to miss?
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