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What would cause a 1989 Jeep Cherokee to have sporadic starting problems when turning the ignition key and how can they be resolved?

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2011-09-13 17:51:48

Well, There are a few places to check. One; Neutral safety

switch-Does it work in P & N? I believe theres the actuator

itself, the cable that goes to it and an electrical connection to

check. - Second; The contacts on the starter selonoid. See if

they're lose. Third; - There's an Ignition switch on the council

that's activated by the key Fourth; Do you have and ignition

suppressor on the alarm? Yep- Lots of BS to sort through. One of

the many reasons we all love mechanics :). Good luck - So far I'm

done with steps one thru three on my 99- Same freekin issue!


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