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Mine did that once. It's not a fault code so press button again to see if you can retrieve any fault codes. Continue until code repeats itself.

To clear that signal just hold the button for over 5 seconds or disconect your battery fro a few minutes.

Mine has low fuel pressure intermittently. At present it wont start either. Most times it does and runs great...get traveling and it stutters, no power under load.

Awaiting the repair guide to arrive as I'm not going to replace a 150 dollar pump willy nilly to find latter it was something else. Taking apart the relay today to inspect for melted solder. They run super hot and as far as research is telling me this far are the root of most fuel delivery problems. One fella just re-soldered a cracked connection in his then drilled a hole in the top of plastic cover before replacing it to allow it to breath to not heat up.

2011-09-13 17:51:48
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What is the socket size of a processor?

It is not size, it is the configuration. A processor is made for a certain socket. The placement of the pins allows it only to be placed in the socket it was designed for.

Where is obd socket on vivaro vans?

The obd socket is placed under the stearing. Pull out the small plastick cover.

What is in the orbital part of head?

Orbit is the bony socket. The eyeball is placed in the bony socket. The arrangement of the bones is such that the eye is usually protected from the injury.

What is motherboard in CPU?

Motherboard houses the cpu, the motherboard has a socket which the cpu is placed in.

What is the treatment for dry socket?

A dental cement is packed over the hole and a temporary cap is placed over the cement

What is gelfoam in dentistry?

Gelfoam is a material placed in a socket where a tooth has recently been removed. It reduces pain and bleeding.

How important is the heart?

My guess is.......pretty important. The heart is like a machine, pumping blood to the brain, and all over the body. The heart is like the electricity-socket, pumping electricity to the machine. If someone janks out the cord, then no more electricity to the machine, and the machine stops. Ergo, the heart is very important.

What is a DIL socket?

a dil socket is a dil socket

Is the CPU found on the motherboard?

The CPU is not part of the motherboard but it is placed on the motherboard. The CPU is squared and about a quarter inch square in size. It is placed in the CPU socket. A heatsink/fan is placed on top of the CPU to keep the CPU cool which makes it pretty hard to see because the heatsink/fan covers it when it is in a working computer.

What is a socket connector?

A Socket Connector is where you are going to connect a socket

How long after a molar tooth extraction can you swim?

You should wait at least 4 or 5 days after a molar tooth extraction before you go swimming. This activity can get your blood pumping fast and dislodge the clot giving you dry socket.

Hom many pins are there in a processor socket?

Depends on what socket you get. Each may be different. E.G: LGA 771 LGA 775 LGA 1366 Socket 478 Socket 939 Socket AM2 Socket AM2+ Socket AM3

Which slot or socket does the AMD Athlon use?

socket 7 or socket A

What is a FC-PGA socket?

It is a type of array to fit into an intel Socket 370 or Socket 478 CPU socket.

What is the latest socket for Intel desktop processors?

Socket 7LGA775 socket

How do you socket an item in fate?

to socket an item you have to click the socket and click on an item that have space for a socket. I did it a lot of times and it worked LOL

Why is the shoulder socket deeper than the hip socket?

It isn't. The hip socket is deeper than the shoulder socket. The shoulder socket is shallow to ensure a broad range of motion of the arm. The deep hip socket is for stability of the leg.

Describe the difference between a PGA socket and an SPGA socket?

A PGA socket has pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket. Where an SPGA socket has pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.

How do CPU's connect to a motherboard?

The CPU has an array of pins that extend downward. When placed into it's socket the pins align with receiving plugs. This then makes the connection between the CPU and the Motherboard.

Socket a CPUs are manufactured by?

Socket A is also known as Socket 462. This CPU socket is used for AMD processors, manufactured by Athlon Thunderbird.

What is another name for socket A?

Socket 462.

What is socket abstraction in java?

socket abstraction

What is the socket for an AMD Athlon 2400?

Socket A or Socket 462 (same thing, different names).

What is another name for socket 478?

Socket 478 was the only widespread name for this processor socket.

What are three important considerations when installing CPU on the motherboard?

The CPU is correctly aligned and placed in the socket. Antistatic precautions are taken. The CPU heat sink and fan assembly are correctly installed.