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If the "S" light is flashing, it indicates a problem with the transmission or speed sensor.I have 1991 Honda accord LX and got "S" mode without pushing 'S" mode switch I recommend that if if u have S mode On in yr odometer that means yr TCU or TCM(transmission computer) is not working properly.I Open that computer is and check it ,I fixed my computer,then REPROGRAM it which is necessary and RESET IT then install back same way i take it out.My problem was solved within two our of work and after half an hour driving my car after installation .Now i don't have "S" mode in my car.I m happy. before u disconnect yr computer make sure you call me first so i can teach you how to do.I have all information in pictures also..And i can also guide the person who want to do it yourself from my home with the help of pictures and phone guidance. I can also repair for you and it will be gurented and reprogrammed and will be tested in my car and urgent service also available like next day delivery.I will charge the $125 for my service and we will decide thjat how we proceed our work like on site work or at my site work.I went first AAMCO TRANSMISSION they told me to Rebuild transmission for 1500-2000 dollars, then i went to HONDA Dealer ,they told me to replace computer for 1300 dollars+tax+LABOUR COST, then i tried myself finish with $125+ 5 hours workdone+Electronic Parts Cost.If u have any question regarding this , call me at 973-610-5670 after 6 pm any day or email me at hcpatel78@gmail.comHiren patel
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Q: What would cause a 1991 Honda Accord automatic transmission to not shift in third and fourth gears D4 light stays on.....stuck in gear ....rpm raised..S light on......blinking....?
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